Pioneer 109 -Major Disadvantages?



what is the disadvantages Pioneer 109 … any comment ? :smiley:


Z-CLV when writing at 12x, really bad support for 16x media right now, and no bitsetting ability. That’s the only thing I have to say (negatively) about it. Other then that, good drive! I’m sure future firmwares will improve this.


two more,
some DVD-R compatibility problems and slow burning time.

It will be better to get one till the firmware is stable. :sad:


The A09/109 does 8x and 12x P-CAV on 16x certified media, though I don’t see much advantage to that. P-CAV would have been much better used for 8x certified media IMO. Perhaps in a later firmware…


The 4x is closer to 3.8x, about 16-17 minutes for a “4x” burn. The 8x is also about 7-9 minutes. I’m not too bothered by it, but somewhat sad seeing that the 105 was about 4.3x burning speed. Kind of reverse progress.


And, sadly following NIL’s retirement, no overspeed firmware hopes…and this may be a serious issue for those using cheaper 4x media. For the moment, except 8x on DVDRW, no really speed improvement over A08 model.


lordsmurf does your 109 only average out about 3.8 due to the buffer fluctuations and write speed throttling?


That’s just the speed. No underruns there. Explain “write speed throttling”.



when when using dvd decrypter it shows the current write speed for example 4.0x, however, when the buffer starts jumping that 4.0x start to go 3.8x, 3.7x, 3.9x, back up to 4.0x. When your buffer starts fluctuating does your burn speed as well as mentioned above? That is what I mean by ‘write speed throttling’.


Hi, I know I’m not talking about 109 and sorry for that but I’m desesperately looking for some expert help, would you mind helping me with my old 103?


cantankerous, not really. They can happen together or independent.


well if you have an xbox, then dont buy a pioneer109, thanks to what lordsmuf found out about the pioneer109 burned media.


Well, if you have an XBOX -AND- insist on DVD-R media, yes.
If your XBOX reads DVD+R media, you’re good to go.


wait WHAT!? I’ve just sold my Pioneer 107 cuz I was gonna get the 109 and I’ve got an xbox. What exactly does the 109 do that it wont work well with the xbox? Can this be fixed with a firmware upgrade? What should I buy then if not 109? Damn I was so sure on this one :frowning:


Read this:

Buy DVD+R media. YUDEN00x to be safe. I used some freebie OPTODISCR04 I had laying around, and it’s all burned fine. XBOX loves them. Burns are fine. No bitsetting needed.


Not all Xbox drives read the +R media though, my Samsung based Xbox will not read +R unless I have bitset them to DVD-ROM. Glad I saw this thread as I was planning on selling my DVR-108 to get the DVR-109, but not anymore! Pioneer sure has dropped the ball on this drive so far.


I would wait before selling your drive. I too ridded of my 108 and wish I didn’t. Never had an issue burning and the patched firmware made it all the better.


I also got a Samsung based Xbox so i dont think it can do +R. Well, I had a 107 and sold it last saturday because I was gonna get the 109 on tuesday. But the store got its shipment delayed and now, without a burner, I see this thread… there are 108 avaible but they cost the same as 109 so I’m seriously thinking about getting the NEC 3520… any ideas on what I should do? the NEC 3520 is in stock at the store so I could get it tomorrow.


i bought the nec 3520 and was not impressed with it i still think the pioneer 108 is the best writer to get i still have my 108 and it does a lot better writes with dvd-r media than the nec maybe with hacked firmwares the nec will get better as for nil quitting i think he might just try and hack the pioneer 109 for the fun of it firmware hackers don`t like losing touch with the hacking scene

    cheers   bighun1952 :iagree:  :iagree:  :iagree:


Yea lets wait till firmware is like 1.14-1.18 and i hope NIL does his stuff to it cause it be pitty as 108 is so good unlocked and so far 109 is POS. :smiley: