Pioneer-109 hangs at 100% using nero

Once in a while, my Pioneer 109 drive would hang at 100% and refuse to write the lead out to finish the burn job using Nero v6.6.0.15 (inablility to write lead out has also occurred using Alcohol 120% as well).

I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue before and how they went about fixing it.

I’m currently running the RPC-1 1.58 firmware.

I also have a 107 drive but have never had issues with burning discs in that drive.

Could it possibly be an overheating issue (although system temp is reading sub 30 C).

Uninstall Alcohol and update Nero or use a better burning app.

That is what I wold do.

Why is alcohol blamed all the time, if you want to see what it can cause look in my last 2 psots cause I aint repeating, also tells you the setting to change to stop issues and also look at Starforce drivers causing issues.

I had same issue as you a few weeks ago with both my 109 and my Teac cdrw, they both stuck at 100% for upto 5 minutes and could cancel burna nd still have usable CD/DVD, I then decided its time I clean laser as I aint done in years, so I used my CD lens cleaner Disk with alcohol on brushes and ran it 1x dry then to knock dust off then did again but wet, and left drive open 10mins to let dry fully, now I have no issues and burns end immed as 99% turns to 100%.

I have changed nothing else, same latest FW’, latest Alcohol (with setting unticked thats got issues erasing RW media on other apps while this is ticked) and latest Nero.

Alcohol is “blamed” a lot because, as you know yourself, without those settings in it being changed, it can cause problems.

chef is right when he says that any of that kind of software (including Daemon Tools, so we’re not bashing on Alcohol) should be uninstalled whilst troubleshooting burning problems.

Then, when the problem has been found and fixed, reinstalled.

@bchild - what media are you using? Download CD-DVD Speed (or find it in the Nero Toolkit), and go to the “Disc Info” tab. Post the MID info that you see for us please. :slight_smile:

I dont agree, unistalling Alcohol or Daemon aint 1st port of call, tell peeps about the setting in last 3 builds of Alcohol they need to change (even though it tells you itself if you check/uncheck the box, and it really only messes up erasing RW media), check for Starforce drivers left behind (can make you burn nice coasters), takes 1sec with there own tool and if found requires 1 reboot of PC, has laser being cleaned lately, if not do so, unistalling then reinstalling is PIA at times.

There is no reason whatsoever Daemon, Alcohol and Nero cant live happy on same PC with Zero issue.

Nobody agrees all the time. :wink: