Pioneer 109, fw 1.58 = burning times doubled?

I have been using a 109 ever since it came out, and have had no issues with it at all. I flashed it to 1.17 shortly after I received it and it has been very fast and accurate - not a single coaster using all different brands of media.

Recently, I flashed it to 1.58 so that I could write some disks that were branded as 12x as it would only write them as 8x. After the flash, I could write to the disks as 12x and thought that was that.

However, now when I try to burn, I find it takes twice as long, and the buffer meter in Nero keeps ‘jumping’ ie going really low then jumping up to max and back again. It does it all the time up, and down constantly and my burning times have doubled.

Is this an issue with the firmware, as its the only thing I have changed.
Same machine/media/version of Nero etc.

I have checked that the disk is using DMA mode.

Anything else I might be missing, or is it that I will have to just live with this now, as on the Pioneer site it says that once flashed to 1.58 it cannot be downgraded to a previous firmware.

Any advice woul be useful.

What DMA mode?

dang. i know this won’t make you feel better but you never should fix things that ain’t broke. i learned the hard way myself never, ever change or add things to the computer that you don’t want there permanently.

i hope some smart person out there will be able to help you

109 has more flash options//here are some links and some more FW to check

Thanks for the responses so far guys. Chef, I have the properties on the secondary IDE set to DMA if available. It says Multi-Word DMA Mode 2

Hope this is useful.



With help from you guys, and some of the links you supplied, realised that it should be DMA Mode 4 for the 109. As it was not possible to select it, I removed the secondary IDE from Device Manager, rebooted, and its picked the drive up and now showing DMA Mode 4. Kicked off a burn, and its back to being super speedy again and the Buffer Level remains fairly constant at around 97%.

Again, many thanks for your help one and all !


Yes, perfect. Enjoy!