Pioneer 109 Don't see media thet is burn by him




I have install new Pioneer 109 in my pc today and have big problem.
My DVD is reading every dvd or cd media perfect but whatever burn he is not reading… sometimes the burning dont even start… hanging for a 1min or 2mins and had error dat destroying da media… I’m using Quentin, Sky, Banan, Some low TDK, and i have problems with all off them. DVd’s burn of same media on onother DVD-RW are read perfect buy the Pioneer.
I have update my firmware to 1.57, burn with nero, alcohol, DVD Decrypter - same problems. Unisntal nero, alcohol, Dvd decripter dvd shrink. Install new nero-same problem Try with new cabel-same problem Change slave, master, Change UDMA NOTHING HEEEELP :a

I hope you can tell me somthing or shood i go and try to ask for a nother drive…
I thinks is the Pioneer hardware error cose i have other Pioneers 109 on work and they work like a charm with the medias i use and don’t have any problem like this… :frowning: ol and some of the dvd’s burn buy the pioneer are seen on onother dvd burner on onother pc other are not

Thanks for any help


I have change the pc… i have install the pioneer 109 on onother PC and the first burn was OK, and then he destroy 3 DVD`s same like on my first PC. All are 4x and i burn them on 4x



Either your drive is not correct installed as the information sheet coming with it says (Master jumpering, UDMA cable etc.) or your OS/installation has an softwareconflict (which will give you trouble reading/recognizing the content) or the drive could be damaged in some way (which is in very few cases the point).