Pioneer 109 doesn't like Verbatim DVD burned at 8x, dvd useless

Hello guys, i got a pioneer 109 burner with the latest official firmware and im experiencing some problems latetly.

2 months ago i bought a pack of 10 Verbatim dvds all 8x speed and they come in a box. 2 out of the 10 were bad burns, and i tried nero and recordnow deluxe.

This pioneer doest like verbatim burned at 8x, it starts to give errors in the middle of the burn.

So i thought, well , maybe it was the pack i bought the faulty one, so 2 months later i bought another pack of 10 verbatim dvds that come in a box, made in taiwan, and what happened? again 2 dvds were broken in the middle of the burn at 8x.

did anyone have the same problem with this burner and dvd media burning it at 8x?


What is your media code? Usually it is MCC and that is a pretty good media. My 109 does just fine with either MCC 003 or MCC 02RG20, not the best, but certainly readable.

the mediacode is MCC 02RG20
and its pretty frustrating because they come boxed in a cake of 10 pieces.

Out of 10 dvds, 2 ruined at 8x, i think ill have to start burning at 4x to be ok.
This problem happened with nero latest version and also with recordnow deluxe 7.3

I burned them 8x though 6x was the recomendation of Nero.
The PI / PO tests were not as gound as usual…I will have a try with 4x…

Verbatim in a CAKE ??? If you mean a plastic spindle then yes, if you mean a cheap cello wrap this mean they may be reject or something because verbatim are not :iagree: sold in CAKE as far as I know (I use mostly verbatim media)

i can confirm MCC02RG20 burn like POS (but readable) in my 109, however they love the +R alternative that being the MCC003, the 02RG20’s burn fine in the 108 so its definitely a 109 issue

Very odd as Pioneer used to be know to have a preferrence for -R over +R. I hope the next firmware has significant improvements.

yes its very odd and i wouldnt have believed it if i hadnt seen it for myself heres a scan

I have a 50x pack of MCC 02RG20, using 1.50 firmware. One disc had trouble reading in my PS2, which is a rarity because only princos do that. I burned at 6x. I’m not sure if the discs aren’t crash hot when used in this drive…

Same problem… tried burning on Verbatim 8x and get errors about 1 out of 3. Burns fine at 4x. Was using 1.17 rev. Firmware, Just updated to 1.50, so I will now try that. I’m using white inkjet printables, p/n 94854

and yesterday i bought 5 verbatims but this time they were +R
2 bad burns, 3 good burns.

i tried different speeds and diff programs.
one crashed with nero latest version and one with recordnow 7.3

so its the firmware 1.50 or its the cheap brand.

I’ve noticed that burn quality is almost always better with “Plus” media than “Dash” media. I am saying this based on my experiences with the drives I own (see signature).