Pioneer 109 cd burning probs



Im trying to burn cds with nero but i seem to be firing coasters. about 1 in 10 discs work.
Im getting a message something like ‘Error in writing disc at once’ at different times through the process of burning. Beforehand it would burn the discs no probs but they had to be done at 24X. Ive tried different makes of discs and have the latest firmware 1.57. The burner works 100% with DVDs.

I tried burning an image to my hard drive and then using alcohol 120% to burn the image to a disk. ( I wanted to see if Nero had some sort of compatibility problem with the burner) This worked first time but then after that it started burning coasters again.

I ended up putting an old BTC1008 burner back in to burn my discs but id prefer to get my DVR109 working properly so i was hoping one of you guys can help or point me in the right direction.


My workmate is having the same issue. He has an ASUS NF4 mainboard and a 109.

I have two 109’s. One works fine with CD-R on a Abit AN7 board. The other is on a MSI Neo2 NF3 board and is untested with CD-R.

Apparently this problem is fairly widespread with the 109’s. Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter?


It’s a problem with specific mobos (you mentioned one) and some Nero versions.

No problems here too with AN7 boards.


Dispose of the drive.
Quoting the cdfreaks Pioneer DVR-109 DVD review.
Very poor DVD+/-R media compatibility.
Very poor CD-R media compatibility.

I have a dvr-109 firmware 1.40 with an msi ultra 2 mobo. And have experienced the same problems with both dvd and cds. Burning at the lowest speed seems to solve the problem most of the time. But what is the sense of buying a new burner and only being able to burn @ rates from the past. Changing media helps sometimes.(thats another nightmare, because labels really dont ID the maker) The new Firmware addresses none of my problems so why bother. (I need to use dvd-r)
Since burners are so cheap the least stressful solution is use the drive as read only. What burns me was that I got this drive by mistake after requesting a NEC and kept it because the pioneer was more expensive thinking I had come ahead on the deal and didnt notice til a day later after I had installed it.



That review were done with earlier firmware revisions!


I found the new firmware (1.57) changed little.
So your observation maybe correct but
Very poor DVD+/-R media compatibility.
Very poor CD-R media compatibility.

is still an issue.



Your answer make me sure about that you have not the clue about what you were talking here.



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I believe it is hardware combo with software problems. Mine works perfect, but was bear to get to that point. Most of the problems have been addressed in this forum and how to fix them. The 109 likes to be the master/80pin/umda4 at all times on most mobos. The newer Intel MOBOs do not allow two devices on the same IDE channel set to UMDA4 and only the master works. Very strange but it sure would have been nice if those were in the instructions up front. I love Pioneer products, but as long as NEC makes their own stuff that would be a safe buy! If Liteon starts making them I may switch to BQ.
Bottom line is the 109 is a fine machine on some systems and I am glad mine works! LOL
I hear the 110D is a better unit out of the box but you still need to install it correctly.


Thx etp. Hope katrina missed u. I have retackled and re-researched the problem.
Leading me to acknowledge most of what u have expressed. But also realizing
no improvement as I have already checked or optimized.
I did flash the drive to 1.57. Slight improvement. But it still leaves me wanting.
Your post does gives me hope. I got an abit kt7raid running smoothly eons ago
so this should be possible.
I wish we had a better and fairer priced media selection.I could buy verbatim or
TY, but it’s close to 3x the cost of cmc,ridata,prodisc/smartbuy or optodics
here. And of course still doesnt mean it would be better.


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I think Katrina is turning towards us! Will have to see tonight if it turns more! I live in the Ft Walton Beach area of the Panhandle.
The 109 is not for the faint at heart!LOL ///NECs are plug and play!
Just burned a pile of music cds on my 716 and 109 without a hitch. Used 24X for a burn speed, but 40X was in the selection box. Burning slower these days to avoid playability issues in my car. Faster is not always better, although some DVD media needs to be burned at 8X or faster to work. It just all depends!