Pioneer 109 burns faster at 8x than 12x or 16x?

I’m hoping one of you genius CD freaks can help me out with this –

I am using a Pioneer DVR-109BK flashed with A09 firmware 1.40 in a G4 Power Mac (running Panther 10.3.8). I’ve made several test burns of a 4.4GB disc image using Roxio Toast Titanium 6.0.9 (the latest version) onto Verbatim 16x media (both -R and +R) and noted some interesting results. At both 12x and 16x speeds, burning the disc image takes approx. 9 minutes to complete. However, at 8x speed the disc image takes approx 6 minutes 50 seconds.

Anyone have an idea why 12x and 16x would take so much longer than 8x? Does this possibly have to do with the different write strategies (8x CLV versus 12x PCAV and 16x CAV) the drive uses?

From what I’ve read on these forums and the review by CDRLabs, it seems I should be getting burn times of approx. 6 minutes for 16x, and 6m30s for 12x. I can live with the 8x burn speed but I’m mostly just curious to know what is causing this, and if there is a solution. Perhaps different media? Any info or advice is appreciated!

Does this possibly have to do with the different write strategies (8x CLV versus 12x PCAV and 16x CAV) the drive uses? = yes, possibly.

as well, some dvds will not burn @ 16x, even if they are labelled 16x.

some speed stuff

I have a similar speed problem with my Pioneer 109 with any of my 16x dvd media (I have 7 different types).

Fastest time for a full SL is ~6.30 mins.

I aint burned at 16x on 109 as of no hacked FW but on 108 i got .

8x 7m40s

12x 7m 02s

16x 6m 30s

Obv it was non cAV and i overspeed my 8x media to get that so i guess CAV and real 16x media be better on 109/A09

Im 99% sure that accurate but i did post at time i did test in here somewhere.

Thanks to all who responded. The Verbatim 16x media I’m using (+R = MCC004, -R = MCC03RG) is supposed to burn in the 109 at 16x. I’ve seen two separate professional reviews that report excellent 16x burn speeds with the 109 and this media, often in the range of 6 minutes or sometimes less. Yet I’m unable to burn a full SL disc at better than 9 minutes with this media at either a 12x or 16x setting (although at 8x I can do it in 6 minutes 50 seconds). Again this is with the latest firmware (1.40). I guess I’ll have to test a different brand of 16x media (TDK or TY) to see if I can get better results.

OK, well I did a bit more research and it seems the problem has to do with the maximum speed of my optical drive bus not allowing me to take advantage of the drive’s higher burn speeds. It may also be due to the fact my Mac does not have an 80-pin IDE cable. Not really a problem, since there is not much difference (only a matter of 30-45 seconds for a full SL disc) between the speed I’m getting at 8x and typical 12-16x speeds.

The Pioneer 109 is UDMA4.

Have do you done a Burst Rate Test under CDSpeed? It should be 40Mb/sec +.

Having said that, my LG 4163 can burn a full SL disc in ~ 5.16 mins with UDMA2 (23mb/sec+)

There’s a problem right there, you’re using a Mac! :stuck_out_tongue: j/k.
Your problem is that you’re not using an 80-pin IDE cable, you must use one for high speed burns with DVD writers.