Pioneer 109 banding

I recently bought a Pio 109. I also have a model #107 and 108. When I burn a disc at anything over 4X I get noticable banding on the disc. Different shades instead of the nice one shade smooth burn that I always get with the other drives. They seem to work fine but is this normal? I use Verbatim 8X and Ritek G05 discs. I’ve read through the forums but haven’t found an answer.

well that happens to me also and it is only if i go above 4x and its not as if im using cheep crappy media.

When you’re burning at 8x in the pioneer drive its uses Z-CLV which basically makes the drive jump from one speed to another whilst burning which can show rings, at 4x the drive is burning at a constant 4x so therefore wont show these rings.

Why do the bands only show on the 109 drive? I can burn two discs at the same time in the 108 and 109. They will finish closely together so the speeds should be close. Only the 109 will have the banding. As long as they work I’m happy.

Happens here too, and I thought maybe it’s a problem with the drive at first. But after doing PI/PO, BetaJitter, etc. scans on a Plextor 716A, discs do verify and test perfectly fine (superb PI/PO results actually), so I figure it’s just the way it is – the laser doing auto calibration as it goes, so it’s varying the laser power depending on how far in the burn it’s gotten (ie. how fast the disc is spinning), to create an optimal burn.

If the laser power is kept the same all the way through (ie. no coloration changes), then you may not get an optimal burn at the end of the burn (which you often see on other burners).

Anyways, see my :: Good & Bad Media for Pioneer 109/A09 :: thread for my PI/PO scans and you’ll see what I mean – excellent scans, but they do have noticable rings on some discs (depends on burn speed & disc).

Maybe you forgot to remove the small lens protector on the burning leds :eek:


You should take a look at this tread

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Do not look at your CD directly, just test & if they do work do not touch them!