Pioneer 109 and TDK DVD+R's

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on the woes that I have been having with my Pioneer 109 and burning DVD’s.

Recently I have been trying to burn some video to DVD and have been getting DVD verification errors from Nero, generally the resulting disks appear to be unusable, like you watch the DVD for an 30minutes or so and it hits a spot on the disk where the audio stops the picture gets very pixelated and eventually freezes (something akin to getting a scratch on a DVD)

My 109 has the latest firmware (v1.57) and I am using the latest Nero6 updates.
All the media I have been using to date have been DVD+R disks rated as 1x to 8x. The media I was originally using was branded DataStream Prefessional whch had a manufacturing ID of “CMC Magnetics”.
I went into my favourite PC store to try a different brand and on the day they were out of Ritek’s so I picked up a spindle of TDK’s only to find that they have exactly the same ID.

My PC specs are Shuttle SS51G XPC, with P4 2.4Ghz (533Mhz FSB), 1gig of DDR333 ram, a 80GB Seagate 7200RPM disk, and my Pioneer 109, I run WinXP home with all current patches.
I currently have my burner installed in the PC, In the past I have also tried it in an external firewire/usb enclosure (Prolific chipset) and generally found the performance to be worse than when it was in the PC (based on the nero dvd-cd speed transfer graphs and tests).

My current strategy that I have been trying is to burn an image with nero image express for later burning to DVD. I have also tried defraging my hard drive between these steps as well to no avail.
So far I have got about one successfull burn out of 5 attempts.
Generally I try to burn at the slowest speed possible.

I have also tried burning the footage to a TDK DVD+RW that I had which worked 1st time with no problems, I noticed that the media ID for this disk was that it was a RICOH which makes me suspect the media I have is dodgy?

I have attached the nero log file from my latest failure …

thanks, Mark
PS. the player I have been trying to play the disks in is a Pionner 535(?) in my home theatre setup.

What happends when you for example makes a backup of data files. CMC isn’t the greatest media, but not the worst either. Try get som Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.

I have had the same type of problems writing data DVD’s as I have had with trying to write video although I have to admit that I have only tried with one or 2 disks to write data.
I have written a number of successful data DVD+RW’s (that are TDK with a RICOH manufacturer ID)

I think now I’ll try a few other brands of media, probably starting with Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden etc and see how things go before I buy another bulk pack :smiley:

thanks for the suggestion, Mark

Yeah, sounds like you very unfortunate to run into a bad batch.
Good luck

I know that many users here are happy with recent CMC media, but personally with the 109 all CMC MID discs I’ve tried turned to coasters. :Z

I’ve had great quality burns with CMC E01 and CMC AE1 code media on my DVR-109 with misc firmware versions including the latest. Some of the media was branded such as TDK and Memorex and others were Generic.

Hi All,

Thanks for all the info so far, I am still suffering from the problem but have done lots of reading and searching in an attempt to get to the bottom of things.

This disks that I have tried so far have been
RiMedia DVD-R 8x (MID RITEKG05)
TDK DVD+R 1-8x (MID CMC MAG E01 (000))
DATASTREAM Professional 1x-8x (MID CMC MAG E01 (000))

I am still getting a heap of coasters about 3 usable disks in about 10 or so burns and I have only got one disk to verify ok using Nero’s verification option.
The RITEK disks did seem to be quite a bit better with only 3 or 4 sectors being reported as different where as the other disks have considerable more.

I also took a selction of media to work and tried a few in a PC with an intel chipset and a Sony DVD burner and was surprised to find that out of the 6 burns I did they were all good.

I have also done some readings on the forums at and suspect the problem may lie in the sis chipset (651/962) that is in my SS51G. There seem to be quite a few people with the same problems.

The hunt continues,

thanks, Mark

Try to replace the SIS driver with Microsoft’s.