Pioneer 109 and ripunlock



Hi, does anyone know how to unlock the 109 so that it reads at 12x?



Buy the A09 instead.


Or you could reflash the 109 as A09 using DVRUpdate I think ??


You can do it if you like to have an expensive doorstep. :eek:


So you saying that initial_D’s posting

where he says :
" can say that
to exchange firmware between DVRA09XL, DVR109XL, ASUS1608 is OK"

is untrue then ??


After all I have read, I think it is true… But I’m quite reluctant to experiment it by myself…

But the real question is, what is the difference between the A09 and A109 ?? As far as I know, the only difference is that the “silent mode” can only be activated with the A09.
Is there also a rip-unlock with the A09 ?? If true, then I will maybe consider flashing my 109 into a A09…


Yay! My doorstep :wink: is ripping at 12X … I really like that Asus flasher that doesn’t care what drive it’s working on :cool:


Is it possible to make the 109 rip Encypted DVDs faster?

I haven’t been happy with those speeds. Only goes around 2-4x for those.


No, I didn’t say that.
The ASUS drives are OEM 109 ones and therfore the same rules should apply to them as they exist for all other BULK/OEM 109 drives: No flashing with XL firmware! Maybe you can flash it successfully, maybe it will even work a short time… But, I doubt you’ll be able to recover your drive and flash back successfully and get a usable 109 drive after.
The warranty is void anyway.

As for ripping needs, I’d personally avoid using the 109 as ripper, because I don’t wanna shorten it’s life by doing that and have plenty of other DVD-ROM drives that do their jobs well. :slight_smile:


What do you base this statement on ? Have you done any testing ?
Seems like pure speculation to me.
As I read it, Initial_d seems to be saying that he’s actually done it successfully.

Or are you making a statement of good practice as a Senior Member of the forum, to ensure that us junior members dont destroy our drives accidentally :bigsmile:

That I do agree with. Its better to rip with a cheap DVD-ROM drive than an expensive writer IMHO…


I’m not sure whether ripping a lot would shorten the drive’s life or not… even if it seems sounded.

But aside from that, what I would like to know is : what is the real difference between the A09 and the 109 ???

  • rip-unlock ?
  • quiet mode ?
  • etc… ??

If it’s possible and really worth it, then maybe I’ll flash my 109 with A09 firmware…


As I suggested in my previous post, I’ve done it and it works. The only difference between the -109 and the -A09 is the A09 is considered a different OEM name, PIO_ADV. File naming convention is the same, hardware identification is ATA009 for both. I don’t know where chef gets the idea that a different firmware on the same hardware will shorten its life.
To do it with official tools, download the Asus 1608 firmware, use upr9as.exe after renaming the files to r91231009.* and replacing PIONEER by ASUS with a binary editor for both kernel and firmware files (kernel can be found in v1.05).
I actually did it with 1.05 and then upgraded to 1.17 with regular A09 firmware. It is still reporting as a DVR-109 :wink:


OK so it works, and that’s what I’ve always thought.

But what’s the real advantage of doing it, then ???
Is that true, that quiet mode is available and rip-lock is disactivated ? Something else ??

BTW, if I was about to flash my 109 with A09, I think I would do it with DVRUpdate from initial_D, in order to avoid *** ANY *** hex edit of the firmware as you suggest…


Nice to see that works :wink:


I see no point to repeat what I’ve written except that the drives differ.
If you have knowledge about prior Pioneer models you would know that.
Also, EVERY xx9 model is recognized as “DVR-109”!


All this information is usefull, and it is actually amazing the amount of the information that’s available in this forum, but sometimes it’s incredible how hard it is to get an accurate answer to one’s questions…

It seems everyone agrees that the 109 can be flashed with the A09 firmware (or the buffalo, or the ASUS, etc…), but I still don’t know what the real difference between the 109 and the A09 is…

  • quiet mode ?
  • rip-unlock ?
  • something else ??



in case you mean with “109” the bulk/OEM version and with “A09” the XL/retail version -what I think- , then they differ in hardware & firmware.
At least that’s my opinion and the logic conclusion from reading the product specs & info on official Pioneer sites.



There is a discussion of this on a forum you moderate at

In this thread, there are posts from a user (I think he is from Germany), who has written a program called DVRupdate, which will allow interchangable use of the firmwares from the 109s-based drives and the A09 drives. The program works by starting with the Version 1.05 firmware and kernel from the A09 and then flashing the 109 drive. Subsequently, you can supposedly use newer A09 firmwares and the stock Pioneer firmware flasher.

What’s your view of all this? Have you tried the flash a 109 to an A09 using the software? The software’s author doesn’t claim that the 109 and A09 are identical hardware, he just says that there isn’t enough difference for anyone (other the engineers at Pioneer) to be able to tell.


initial_D is probably from Taiwan because he posted here first.
The described flashing procedure seem to work. I didn’t test it myself for some reasons: The 109 and XL drives are different, in hardware and firmware. I see no sense in risk damaging my drive just for achieving probably faster ripping speeds which I can easily achieve with a bunch of other drives I have, especially DVD-ROM drives.
Also I’m sure the warranty is void too.
Anyone can do what they want with their drive but I see no point to do that too because of the things I pointed out earlier.


I’ve just converted my 109 to a09. Quiet Utility works too :smiley: and ripping lock is disabled :wink: