Pioneer 109 and disc quality scan



Is Pioneer 109 capable of disc quality scan with Nero cd-dvd speed?


Nope… only with DVDInfo, but either way, the scans are pretty useless as Pioneers just aren’t very capable scanners. Best bet is to get yourself a BenQ for scanning; that’s what I did. :slight_smile: I have the 109 and the DW1620…


Yes it is. you have to modify a blocked brand entry in the registry and it works fine with CD/DVD Speed. It still not a good scanner though.


When you do the registry hack, the PIE reported by CDSpeed on the Pioneer are eight times the “normal” PIE values.

So “max” PIE then reads as 8 x 280 = 2240.

PIF values seem to be consistent (max 4). Not 100% sure though. As long as there is no official support, we are rather in the dark.

Indeed the Pioneer is not a good scanner, but if you want to compare different medias on the 109, you may give it a go. But you won’t be able to compare your results with the ones that others get with CDspeed on other burners.