Pioneer 109 and cheap media?



I have some questions on the Pio 109

I have tried datawrite DVD-R 8x Printable media CMC MAG. AE1 with my
pio 109 and the result is not good. works somtimes and somtimes not. :sad:
according to the specification Pioneer 109 should overspeed this media 12x.
My Plextor 712A do not even wants to touchs this brand.

Someone eals tried this brand or knows how to burn them right ??

And it would be nice to know what cheap -R pritable and regular media
you guys uses with good results and recommends to a pio 109 :iagree:

Another question I have is.
should I use packet write or sao when I burn with decrypt and pio 109 ??

And when I burn my device buffer goes up and down and when the burner changes speed from ex 6x to 8x it goes all the way down to sero and then back up again odd. :eek: is that normal ??

And is all the problems solved now with nero and -R ??

My burner specs
Pioneer DVR-109 oem crossflashed to Pioneer DVR-A09XL fw 1.40
Plextor 712A fw 1.06


Cheap media is not cheap …

… considering that it either won’t burn, won’t verify, or won’t play back in many DVD players. I am using only Verbatim now. The slight extra cost is well-worth the pain and lost time of cheap media.

I am using Verbatim DVD+R 8x media, which records fine at 12x, and which plays back without error on a variety of DVD players…


PW software is crap IMO and you should burn the CMC MAG AE1 at 8x, not 12x.


is dvd decrypter crap ? i dont think so
I mean Option of selecting SAO or Packet/Incremental for ‘Write Type’. Useful for drives that prefer one over the other. Currently the Pioneer 109 doesn’t make good discs using SAO on DVD-R media.

is it still so or does the new 1.40 fix that ??
And what is the difference between the two formats?
And which method is better?


Mitsubishi,verbatim and Taiyo Yuden media can every burner on the planet handle god. But what about all other brands out ther like ritek,datawrite and so on is it all crap?? No i dont belive that and it would bi nice to find cheper media that works good to. And i want printable because it would be nice to print on the surface :slight_smile:

But datawrite printable CMC MAG. AE1 dont work good for me so i wounder if any bodey else tried this media or other printable media with good
results :rolleyes:


Ritek G05 white top printables for me and nothing else. :slight_smile: burn at 8x FW is A09 1.40


The 109 with v1.40 can now produce good burns with -R media using decrypter and SAO write mode. I tested it using a Ritek G05 disc, burned a movie on it, and played fine in my Xbox. Also tested it using an Xbox game backup using my TYG02 media. Both discs burned at their 8x rated speed.


#1) Humorous that “Lite-On” is asking about Pioneer :stuck_out_tongue:

#2) Datawrite brand discs are known to be low quality, low grade media. I wouldn’t burn the Datawrite discs @ 12x, but some good quality CMCMAGAE1 discs would probably burn fine at 12x.

#3) Yes, buffer fluctuations are normal during a jump/change in writing speed.


Why risk data on sh1t media ?

Datawrite Premiums (grey tops) are good in my book, i used the 8x at 16x on my 108 with NIL’s help and never had any probs in any pcs rom or standalones reading back.

Now on 109 i not got that option yet.


Thanks for all your replies so far!

I have tried ritek 8x-R g05 printables now and the result with this media is very good i like :bow:.
I posted a picture on the scan i did with my plextor 712a. I did a burst test this time and now i wonder what POE is ?? an how high it should get :rolleyes:


Pioneer DVR-109 has 1.50 FW now…