Pioneer 109 and A09 with Fw 1.57 & Ridata Media

If you are trying to use Ridata with Firmware 1.57 as you know it wont work, it freezes Nero and the drive. You should reflash the drive back to 1.55 which I have tested.

Happy Flashing :slight_smile:

That’s not very specific.
What RiData media ( MID! ) were you having trouble with?
Also do you have Nero updated to the latest version?

Well, no problem here to write on Ridata DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPNW11) with Nero Express… This is with FW 1.57.

I still had a Ridata G05 from a sample pack, just tried it with 1.57, no problem here :confused:

Yeah, please give the specific disc (mediacode) with which this problem happens … :iagree:

How do I get the mediacode?

I know its RITEKG05

I have the latest Nero.

I flashed back to 1.55 and its fine

Its ritekg05 as in dvdidentifier

And their quality can be from good to crap!