Pioneer 109/A09 Burn Scans (Results Only)



Yeah, stay away from ALL Ritek-media. I don´t buy Ritek anymore after crappy results with the R03, G04 and the bad results on c´t-magaine for G05


This is using the new firmware buffalo 8.57 with Ritek unbranded -R x8 GO5 printable (50pk) and the other is with a +R x4 Lazer brand (20pk)printable.


Finally got another drive to accompany my 109. Now I can scan my burns…

burned @ 8X on 109 FW 8.57


teflonmyk, nice burn :slight_smile:

Also you might want to check out this thread: :wink:


just a little update for some who might be interested:

I rescanned a disc from months ago to see how it’s holding up.

It use to look like this :bigsmile:

Datawrite DVD-R 8x Optima Blue RITEKG05


blimey! thats really degraded over the months!

I dont trust any make of disc nowdays, I always scan my newly burnt DVD’s using KProbe & save the results, I will rescan them in say 6 months time & see how they are doing, if it comes to it I will reburn them onto new discs.


PS. my ritek disc from above still works ok on my pc!

Here’s another update:
Fuji 8x TY’s

Now 25th August

Before 10th June

not too shabby huh :smiley:

APR media stopped selling those Fujis so I’ve bought some Verbs 8x DVDR from

pretty similar results to the Fuji TYs for me.


12X burn on DVR 109 FW 8.57
Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD+R Inkjet Printable (from Rima)


Media is TDK DVD+R 8x [CMC Magnetics Corp]

Disc burned with Pioneer 109 [Flashed with A09xl firmware 1.58]

Scanned on Sony 720A with kprobe 243


Great scan for this media :iagree:


Media is Taiyo Yuden T02 +R 8x

Disc burned with Pioneer 109 [Flashed with A09xl firmware 1.58]

Scanned on Sony 720A with kprobe 243


Media is Verbatim DVD-R 8x MCC02RG20 [Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation]

Disc burned @ 8x with Pioneer 109 [Flashed with A09xl firmware 1.58]

Scanned @ 4x on Sony 720A with kprobe 251


Dynex-branded 8x +R media, RITEK R03, burned at 8x.

A09 1.58 burns this better than any other drive I tried.


Memorex-branded 8x -R CMC MAG. AE1, also looks very good at 12x.


Verbatim-branded 2.4x +R DL media, MKM 001, burned by DVR-A09 at 4x CLV.

The best burn from this spindle so far. Compare to 6x burns by PX-716A and DVR-110D.


Some scans of two kinds of cheap Princo 4x dvd-r I burnt. iT SHOuld be noted that once I cleaned the lens with cotton and alcohol (which might have damaged the lens somewhat).
The first one: Princo 4x DVD-R I bought recently with shiny surface.

The 2nd: Princo 4x DVD-4 I recorded one year ago. The white label surface of the disc is different from the other, this has dull surface and it says “for data”. This disk had intensive damage: I tried to bend it and I put it in dirty water. DVR-109 was not able to finish the scan: I stopped it because it was taking a lot of time (read errors)

I know I can’t trust the 2nd DVD, but can I trust the first one?


Pioneer burners are not reliable scanners, kinda useless attempt IMO.

And Princo is inferior media…


1.) PLEXTOR 16x TYG03
2.) PLEXTOR 8x TYG03
3.) TDK 8x TTG02
4.) TDK 16x TTH02


Burner: Pioneer DVR-A09XLC
Firmware: 1.58
Burn Speed: 8x
Media: Maxell Plus 8x DVD-R wide inkjet printable
Burn Software: Prassi ONES 2.1.358


Burner: Pioneer DVR-A09XLC
Firmware: 1.58
Burn Speed: 12x
Media: Memorex 16x DVD+R MII
Hub Serial: 5314 427 +R E E 66045
Stamper Code: DVDR+16X0FP1
Burn Software: CD-DVD Speed