Pioneer 109/A09 Burn Scans (Results Only)



Only the people from move2digital think that they´re results more realistic than with DVD-writers :slight_smile:

The wors-case-scenario is a drive (no matter ROM or Writer) that read recordable media @16x max, like NEC ND 35xx, Liteon/Toshiba with patched FW, not a DVD-Rom that read 9x max


Taiyo Yuden ST 8X DVD-R burned on DVR-109 (my first scan!!!)


Taiyo Yuden ST 8X DVD-R burned with DVR-109



The Pioneer´s are not good scanners.

Maybe this relates those high error-rates


TYG03 burned at 16x on the 109 and scanned on an NEC3520A which seems to give better scans than the 109 at least.


Just use the results posted here as a guideline to what you can expect from the different discs tested. Like mentioned elsewhere there might be some differences in quality between different batches of the same disc. Also different brands like Verbatim and Datawrite might use the same mediacode (MID) like MCC02RG20 but again quality issues may influence the results. So Verbatim may result in better quality than Datawrite. There even seems to be some diffferences between Verbatim discs depending on the origin af the media. Some are made in India, others in Taiwan or Japan. They are not 100% the same in regards to quality but in general they are manufactured under the same quality control. As long as you don’t overspeed the media beyond the rated burn speed you should be fine though. My India made MCC003 don’t burn very well at 16X though I have seen posts indicating that Taiwan made discs burn very well @16X.


This has to be the worst result ever. I challenge everyone to come up with a worse result than this. LiteOn & BTC owners are not allowed to participate though (just joking :slight_smile: )

Kind of weird considering the result obtained in OC-Freaks’s DVR-109 review


Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD+R:YUDEN000-T02-000]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD+R] - [DVD-ROM]
Manufacturer Name : [Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd.]
Manufacturer ID : [YUDEN000]
Media Type ID : [T02]
Product Revision : [Not Specified]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,295,104 Sectors = 4,482.6MB = 4.38GB (4.70GB)]
Recording Speeds : [1x , 2.4x , 4x , 6x-8x]

[ DVD Identifier - ]

burnt at 8x with buff 8.50

compared to

Datawrite DVD-R 8x Optima Blue RITEKG05


“The Pioneer´s are not good scanners.
Maybe this relates those high error-rates”


CDSpeed and Pioneer drives are NOT compatible.
Even with the registry hack, the results are not accurate at all. :rolleyes:
You get about 8x the “real” PIE rates when using the 109 to scan with CDSpeed.

Please people if you really want to use the 109 to scan, post DVDInfopro scans ONLY.
CDspeed scans posted by Spammeh are OK because he didn’t scan on the 109!
CDSpeed scans with the 109 are only misleading when it comes to PIE errors. PIF errors seem to be consistent with other results, though. Not sure 100%, I’m still in the process of comparing different results with different methods (LiteOn/Kprobe, 109/Dvdinfopro, 109/CDspeed, Benq/CDSpeed).

Another important thing when scanning with the 109 and DVDInfopro:
Select ASPI instead of SPTI in DVDInfopro options.
With SPTI, the results are rather erratic.

I’ll post some of my own 109 scans shortly (done about 50 of them with 6 different medias).


Here are Scans of 1 Verbatim 8x media, with DVR-109XLB

the 6x burned FW 1.50 was scanned with PI Sum 1+8,

media code was:
MCC 003 00

scanned with Plextor 712A 2xCLV High Accuracy


Here comes another Verbatim 8x media
8x burned FW 1.55 scanned with PI Sum 1

on Plex 712A 2xCLV High Accuracy.


Pioneer 109 8.50fw Burned x4 with Decrypter. Imedia & RitekGo5 from the same rip. MCC003 & Ritek RO2 from the same rip.The 8.50 fw seems to have fixed my spike problem with the 1.50fw. All +R’s burnt as DVD-ROMs.
DVD+R ISO1001 (Imedia x4 Printable 2pk case),
DVD+R MCC003 (Verbatim x8 printable 50pk purple tub)
DVD-R RitekG05 (Ritek x8 Printable 50pk tub)
DVD+R RitekR02 (Ritek x4 Printable 50pk tub)


Hi Sejere, nice input :slight_smile:

MCC03RG20 seems to give better results than 02RG20 with the 109… this Verb scan is outstanding… can’t wait to receive my next order :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a question:

“DVD-R RitekG05 (Ritek x8 Printable 50pk tub)
DVD+R RitekR02 (Ritek x4 Printable 50pk tub)”

Did you buy these recently? If so, these can’t be Ritek branded media. Most online resellers describes as “Ritek” what is actually UNBRANDED, bulk, Ritek manufactured media. Ritek doesn’t manufacture medias under its own “Ritek” brand name anymore…

Cheers :slight_smile:


Yes thats right its unbranded media cello wrapped tube bought in the last two weeks from a local retailer


I made some updates today on my scan site below


Burner: Pioneer DVR-A09XL
Firmware: 1.55
Burn Speed: 8x
Burn Soft: Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.00
Media: Maxell 8x DVD-R hub-printable 25-pack
Test Burner: Plextor PX-716UF FW1.08
Test Soft: Plextools 2.24

I just bought this burner today as it was being sold at a discounted price at Best Buy. I performed many media tests today but this was one of the best by far. The results with this media on my other burners was mediocre at best. I guess you just have to feed them to the right drive eh?


Burner: Pioneer DVR-A09XL
Firmware: 1.55
Burn Speed: 8x
Burn Soft: Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.00
Media: TDK 8x DVD-R 50 pack (Made in Taiwan)
Test Burner: Plextor PX-716UF FW1.08
Test Soft: Plextools 2.24

Once again, media that performed OK or poorly on my other burners shines on the Pioneer. This was THE best result I’ve gotten of all the testing I’ve done.


I was using Ritek DVD+R DL discs with F/W v1.55 on my A09XL drive, and got coasters :Z . I upgraded to F/W v1.57 today and here are the results for an 8GB burn. Not ace, but OK…


Just got the Pioneer 109 the other day & im really happy with it.

I have found the Ritek Extreme G05 DVD-R to be pretty good, but variable results, no bad ones but not what you would call mind blowing.

I got a pack of “DataWrite 8x DVD-R” the other day, they are white on the top with a CMCMAG AE1 dye, ive never been too fond of that dye before, but I gave them a try in my new pioneer & WOW BRILLIANT!!! I will be buying these in future, take a look at my scans.

All in all I would say the Pioneer is the best drive I have tried so far, if only it had the ability to change write strategies & a region code resetter, like the LiteOn has, this stupid counting down & then locking after the fifth region change is dumb.

Overall though, great drive.

The only thing thats weird looking at the graphs is that spike 3/4 along the graph near the end, see it? its on every scan… any ideas what that is all about?


If you are using Ritek Dl media you should expect such results, because everyone say, thats crapy media. Use Verbatim or Ricoh and you will be a lucky man. :wink: