Pioneer 109/A09 Buffalo 8.50 + Riplock

I think so and unfortunately not with my personal drive. One thing I find odd however is when I flash to Buffalo firmware then back to A09 firmware again upon realizing the ‘trick’ didn’t work, quietdrive utility still shows what my last saved settings to the drive were even though they should have been overwritten. That made me thing ‘perhaps’ Zero’s method ‘theoretically’ works but not in reality. Oh well. I hope the 110 comes out soon with the CAV bug fixed so I can jump ship on this 109. I hope someone finally starts modding Pioneer drives again. Really makes you miss Nil when he is gone. I wish everyone stopped harrassing him (including myself) and perhaps he wouldn’t have taken off.

Do you think that is why he stopped modding firmwares? Or just had “other things” to do in his life and had no spare time? Always wondered. As for the Pioneer 109, I pretty much already “jumped ship” to the BenQ DW1620 for any plus media. Got the Pioneer in the other PC and rarely use it. (plus an OEM 109 that has never been installed). Wish Pioneer would take a “tip” from BenQ and give the users what they want on a Pioneer drive.

I suppose he very well could have had other things to do. Very reasonable however I am sure even if the sole reason that constant badgering could have also turned him off.

hi guys,

i have a problem with this

ive flashed my drivee to 1.55, 1.57 and 1.58

in all cases, the quiet drive utility does not see the dvr-109. it works, it shows up under windws and nero and stuff, but not the utility…

any thoughts?

You must use the XL firmware, not the normal 109 firmware.

You need to re-read the instructions at the begining of this post.

The quiet drive utility only works with a09 firmware.

right. i figured that out just now!

anyway, so one i did the xl firmware, drive utility worked, but not after i flashed buffalo 8.58 over that as stated above…


Which was to be expected…

i thought there was a chance…

But you ought to be able to remove the riplock from the 8.58 by applying the feature from MediaCodeSpeedEdit?

I have and it appears to work for me.