Pioneer 109/A09 Buffal v8.57 Firmware!

buffalo firmware not supported booktype dvd+r in dvd-rom :sad:

hi anne123,

thats strange, when i burn a +r verbatim with my 109 buffalo 8.57 it bitsets to -rom.

i have burn 2 dvd+r video (datawrite yellow mcc003) one nero et other in ONES and bittsetting is dvd+r :frowning:

After the disc has been burned open Nero CDSpeed then go into ‘disc info’ and look at the bit that says ‘booktype’ it should say DVD-ROM, you were probably looking in the wrong place and seeing what the disc physically is rather than its booktype

hi all,

here is a picture that might help for the cdspeed settings

oh yes thx john
cd speed has disc mode and not in book mod :o)
sorry u_u (i’m not a blond girl :p)