Pioneer 109/A09 Buffal v8.57 Firmware!

Enjoy and report your experience with it.

At bloody last! thanks :slight_smile:


been waiting for this one.


Good Find!!! :clap:


how do you download it I can’t find the link


Here the directlink

ok I got it thanks for the link

Thx oj213!!!

anyone confirm if overwriting the A09 firmware with this still retains unlimited rip speed?

No, this is not the case.

D’oh I figured no Buffalo release so I flashed to 1.57 last night, ahh well, another flash tonight. :slight_smile:

Stupi question but How do you use this? thanks

What do you mean? If you mean flashing, you have to use DVRupdate for crossflashing. If you mean Bitsetting, it’s using autobitsetting on DVD+R & DVD+R DL. So, you have to do nothing for that. If you meant something else, fell free to ask. :wink:

Is the advantage of +R, +R-DL bitsetting greater reliability of playback on a larger variety of DVD players?

If one is using a home DVD player that has no problem with the +R media playback (haven’t tried any form of DL yet), is bitsetting advantageous for other reasons? Now that Las Vegas has the DVRFlash 2 working with the 109, I could flash back and forth (on a Mac) for either the A09 faster ripping, or the Buffalo bitsetting. UNLESS, the buffalo firmware will permanently turn off the quiet drive performance feature.

If your standalone has no problems with +R media right now, then there is no reason for bitsetting in your case.

Is it possible that by applying Buffal v8.57, Quitedrive is not longer enabled?

Can anyone confirm that this firmware does bitsetting on plus media as i do not have the option to set it in nero under drive properties??

The firmware uses a DVD-ROM Book Type automatically.

…the same question again in the very same thread. Oh well.

Of course Quietdrive Util will not work with Buffalo Firmware! This firmware is OEM, Quietdrive only works with XL -means Pioneer- drives.

To wesociety,Thanks for the reply