Pioneer 109 1.50EU2 Firmware Released



Change Log.
Support 8x +RW Media
(8x writing: RICOH)
(3.3x writing: 8x +RW Media of other than RICOH)
Support New 16x DVD-R Media
(12x writing: DAXON/MBI/RITEK/CMC)
Support New 8x DVD-R Media
Support New +R 16x Media
(12x writing:Prodisc/BeALL)
DVD-R/+R DL Writability has improved.
DVD-R/+R DL Readability has improved.
DVD-R/+R Writability has improved
DVD-R/+R Readability has improved
DVD-RW/+RW Writability has improved
DVD-RW/+RW Readability has improved
CD-R/RW Writability has improved
CD-R/RW Readability has improved
Overall CD Readability has improved.



1.50 Media Support for DVR-109 series


Finally the official release. I was waiting for this for a while. They had it on the tawian site a couple weeks back but didn’t want to upgrade until it was official. Thanks


im running 1.50B and the flash program says you’re already running the latest version so if somebody could tell me the simple procedure of how to force the flash i’d appreciate it :slight_smile:


Hopefully the Buffallo one comes out soon :bow:


You bet, we pray. :wink:


Hey MR BROWNNOSE, Go here (sites acting up for me today),83.0.html

Look at guide to crossflash 107/108/109 and download the, use both FW and Kernal.
You can reflash anything with anything with this tool, inc flash to same FW its already on.


cheers BUMBOY :wink:


Ahh well, this new FW still dont fix cdr on my bum 109 (1.17FW new), my A09 will be here today so 109 is still being returned this was last ditch effort. :sad:


Hey my little smillies work again Horray


Identical to the release a few weeks ago…


Still doesn’t fix CDR probelm on my 109 fw1.40. RMAing and replacing with NEC.


Some firmware from Pioneer comes in the form of an upgrader and two firmware files—a kernal and a normal. Is there any logic to the way Pioner releases these? I use a Mac and would like to try upgrading using the Logitec flasher, but it requires the two firmware files.


so is this the same as the old 1.50B firmware then? i still cant access any of those pages to dload the essential tools to force flash this drive to the EU2 FW


I’ve read on the VideoHelp site that it is the same firmware, but with a slight modification to the .exe.


*SAME firmware, ANOTHER flasher.


thanks guy’s, so hmm… wonder why they decided to take so long releasing it officially


There must have been a committee involved. That usually makes decisions take at least 10 times longer. Due to the number of asses that need to be covered.


Hey Brownbum, im/pm me some email or such and i send you the tool, i know the sites f0cked up and it is meant to take you to new url but dont.


no need to as its the same FW, thanks anyway buttboy :slight_smile:


Has someone 100% info saying its same as the beta apart from beta tag is removed ?