Pioneer 109 1.40 pretty good with Ritek G05's

I finally started doing some disc quality tests using Nero’s CD-DVD speed tool. I’m using a BenQ 1620 for the read tests.

I’ve been getting pretty consistant 97 quality scores with the inkjet printable G05’s burnt on my 109 1.40 firmware using nero and DVDshrink. Usually the PIE’s are around 100,000 range and PIF’s usually around the 500’s. I know these numbers aren’t fantastic, but they’re good enough where I haven’t had any problem playing them on 5 different set top DVD players.

I also did some testing of some burns I did with my old Pioneer 107 on the G05’s, I’ve probably done more than 500 burns with this one so I didn’t expect a whole lot, But it wasn’t to bad… I get about 120,000 -150,000 on the PIE’s and about 1200- 1500 on the PIF’s for an average quality of 93-95. Pretty good for such a heavily used burner.

Like I said before I know these quality numbers aren’t anything special, especially compared to the BenQ 1620 guys and their Tayo Yuden +R discs. But the Ritek G05’s are half as much and I’ve never had any problem playing them in multiple set top players.

I’m not trying to sell anyone on these discs, I just wanted to say that I’ve had pretty good luck with them on my Pioneers.

Also Just thought I’d mention the BenQ 1620 doesn’t seem to be nearly as good at burning these DVD-R Ritek G05’s, I’ve only burnt a couple discs with it… but they both were in the 70’s quality wise.