Pioneer 109, 1.40 or 8.40?



im confused should i use the official 1.40 or 8.40 buffalo? whats the difference is the buffalo one by a rpc modifier?


i think the official 1.40 is not autobitsetting f/w meanwhile 8.40 can do autobitsetting.
if u dun mind abt the autobooktype thing, use the official 1.40 to avoid voiding your drive’s warranty


Two differences right now:

  1. The Buffalo version is offiacially released.
  2. BUffalo sets +R and +R DL Book Type to DVD-ROM while Pioneer firmwares set only +R DL.

Now you can choose according to your needs. :iagree:


But if you flash the drive dvr-109 with 8.40 firmware, is it possible come back to 1.40 or to an official firmware (1.17, 10.9)?

And if yes, how can I do that ?

Thank in advance


Yes. All you need is DVRUpdate and a FW version including a kernel file. Then you flash kernel + FW.


I don’t know if there’s a 1.17 FW or lower with kernel for the DVR-109 that you can use with DVRUpdate to downgrade… There’s a 1.05FW with kernel for A09… So if you have a DVR-109 you’d be force to switch(cross-flash) from 109 to A09…

Or I missed that 109 FW with kernel somehow??


Here is a link to Pio DVR-109 1.05:


There is a kernel file in the 1.40 FW from the same site. Use the EU not EUJ. :wink:


Aha! That’s the one I missed! :iagree:
There’s too much firmware for this drive suddenly coming out and I’m having a brain freeze! :rolleyes:

Gracias tomkolle78 :smiley:


To improve my knowledgement…
What is the function of kernel file …in simple words ?

Thank in advance


where do i get the autobitsetting buffalo stuff from?


it is auto. so that means u dun need to anything at all.


Go to the root directory at the link above. :wink: :smiley:


Hey what is the difference between the EU and EUJ? I think I might of flashed with EUJ, I can’t seem to burn any dvds, worked last week and now when you try to burn it spins up and down for 2 1/2 mins then Nero says Write Fail, only good thing is that it doesn’t make the media into coasters. Any ideas on why this is happening?


I don’t know the difference but the filures startad right after the FW upgrade or you could burn a couple of discs OK?


Guys, one question: If you update with the official 1.40 the 109, and if (in some cases) the drive fails to work, can i get back a new one or is it warranty void?


If you flash with the official firmware for your drive your warranty isnt void.


erdoke: I didn’t burn anything with original firmware, I thought the reason why it was failing is because I installed a old copy of CDRWIN and that over writtein the ASPI and so Nero wouldn’t work only dvd decrypter which uses SPTM (Windows type of ASPI) I think that is how it’s spelt.




Thanks Chef, is it better to use SPTI for everything then ASPI?