Pioneer 109 1.40 firmware Installation problem

Hi all.
Was wondering if any one can help me.

I’m trying to upgrade my dvr109 from 1.13 firmware to 1.40. I downloaded the FW140EUJ.EXE from flashman. When I run the .exe it asks me to insert a disc into drive, Is this normal? I did this but it still wouldn’t recognize the drive having a disc inserted. I skipped through this step and continued on. It then asked if I wanted to flash both of my drives. I said no, I have a DVR109 and BenQ 1620 so definately don’t want to do both drives. It then asked to do the drives individually so I said yes to the pioneer, no to the BenQ and then continued on. After saying no to the BenQ it just pops up with a message that flash failed.

What Am I doing wrong? Am I missing some kind of plug in?

Thanks in advance

No my 109 out the box was 1.17 fitted and 2 mins later i flashed, it auto extracted and ran it for me.

Maybe I should try going from 1.13 to 1.17 first. Has anyone else gone straight from 1.13 to 1.40?

I seem to recall reading somewhere that if the firmware flash fails, one possibility is that you have two devices connected on the same IDE ribbon connector. One thing to try is to have the the Pio on the secondary IDE as master, as opposed to sharing the IDE cable.

Thanks for the replys guys.
Well after I did some searching around I found that having Intel Application accelerator installed on your computer can cause the flash to fail.

I started to uninstall IAA on my 2 week old Dell 8400, and was given a warning that it was required to operate my HD in RAID and could cause a complete reinstall of XP :eek: So after some deliberation I decided to just yank it from my new comp and temporarily install it on my old Comp for the Flash. I moved it to my old computer and The update worked like a charm.

Now I just hope that DVR-109 1.40 will be as good of a burner as my old DVR-107 was. I’m crossing my fingers. :slight_smile:

Sometimes only killing the IAA task using Taskmanager will allow you to flash successfully then after.