Pioneer 108d Huge Problem!

Problem: Nero finishies burning sucesfully and when I insert DVD it shows data, but I can not open that data also when turned “verifying” it can not read data! DMA i setup corectly and 108d is master with Teac 52 CD-RW slave, Win XP Sp2, 2500 Barton,512 Kingston, MSI nForce 2,etc. I have nero 6 6 0 8 - use only Verbatim R- 8x! Pioneer worked perfectly for 7 or 8 months and suddenly nothing! I have read and tried everything from this site about Pioneer 108d and still nothing! Please help !!! P.s. Firmvare is 1.20!

update nero and what media are you using?, by the way you have posted this three times

I’m using Verbatim R- 8x, only them! Going to update nero or take ver. 7 premium, it’s gona take few hours cause i’m on dial-up!

Now I have Nero 7 Premium it just stop burning after 5% and then i must restart it! It seems that this 108d is going in servis tomorow !


Obvious that the burning app you are using is crap and/or the media (faked).


What is “app” ? Verbatim media I’m using is 100% ok, same one works with other’s ! I had also tried new Nero 7 Premium and the same problem appears again!

With app I mean applications like your Nero 7.

Update it to the LATEST version and maybe you have luck then.

If not, use a better burning app.

Nero 7 0 12 Premium, on other sistem it works perfectly, but I’ll do it :wink:

“on other system” …

I believe the “other system” has other specs and other software installed, maybe even a different IDE controller driver software.

Have you asked Ahead about this? Because you are using their product…