Pioneer 108d Huge Problem!

Problem: Nero finishies burning sucesfully and when I insert DVD it shows data, but I can not open that data also when turned “verifying” it can not read data! DMA i setup corectly and 108d is master with Teac 52 CD-RW, Win XP Sp2, 2500 Barton,512 Kingston, MSI nForce 2,etc. I have nero 6 6 0 8 - use only Verbatim R- 8x! Pioneer worked perfectly for 7 or 8 months and suddenly nothing! I have read and tried everything from this site about Pioneer 108d and still nothing! Please help !!! P.s. Firmvare is 1.20!

No firmware proble, only an OS driver clash.

Enable Auto-Insert-Notification if it isn’t already.
Disable Virtual Drives and uninstall tools like CloneCD and Alcohol.