Pioneer 108D and Piodata 108DX

PIODATA 108DX 16x DL Burner and PIONEER 108D 16x Dual Layer Burner are they the same?


Actually it looks like the Piodata version has got a slightly different firmware that burns DVD+R with DVD-ROM book type, see here.

Pioneer was afraid to do anything which could help the DVD+R/RW format so they used a daughter company to provide a drive with features that all their drives should have…

This is the same thing with nec drives.:rolleyes:

I have just bought TDK dvd+rw disks, would i have been better with dvd-rw.



From what I’ve read, the Piodata OEM drive sets the bootype of DVD+R SL discs to DVD-ROM, and has no rip-speed lock

Yup Dave, seems to be pretty much the size of it, with one small note.

You cannot actually do anything but bitset +R --> DVD-ROM mode. Set as default, from what I have been told and noticed - the firmware sets to DVD-ROM automatically. No choice in the matter. (Not that this is really a problem).

This is just proof positive that Pioneer lets big company politics take precedence over the customer.


I have noticed this term, “Politics” thrown around a lot lately, with reference to the -R issue and the lack of bitsetting. I guess there are several questions we have to ask ourselves:

i. Do we really know the exact, precise and 100% confident reason Pioneer do not implement bitsetting in their native drives? Sticking within guidelines of a specification? Is this really political per se?

ii. The sales managers of Pioneer tell me that the lack of bitsetting does not affect their heavily talked up profit margin, nor does it affect their popularity as hardware. Yes, it is true - the DVR-108 outsells most LiteOn and NEC hardware in my country 2:1.

So, it begs the question… Is it just us enthusiasts or those with an interest in all things optical recordable that care? Seems consumers vote with their feet - and Pioneer won. =\

With the advent of the R9 series hardware from Pioneer, this -R DL business might create some more interesting issues in itself. In theory, no more DL bitset as ROM? Hrrrrrrrm…

Yeah, they are the Ring Leader of the “dashar’s”.
They did it for the R9 media. Why then? Compatibility with players that don’t recognize the format?

Well I’ll confirm the Piodata does auto-bitset SL +R but it is rip-locked. Always a compromise, at least for a while…

Is Piodata actually affiliated with Pioneer? I always assumed they simply chose the name so people would assume it is a division of Pioneer when it really isn’t.

Piodata and the 108D (not the A08s) i think are the same drive. Anyway if you want to bitset the 108s to DVD-Rom on +r media you can just install the Piodata kernal and Piodata 1.14 firmware and have it on your 108 drive.
look here: scroll down the faq to receive instructions

I am SO tempted to try the Piodata Firmware. :iagree: Could use that on my OEM DVR-108 in my other PC and still keep my DVR-A08XL as a Pioneer in this PC. Shame you can’t just have it all in a Pioneer-based Firmware. :frowning:

This has been my question, too. About 1 week ago I sent an email to Pioneer technical support asking them why they hadn’t implemented DVD-ROM booktype setting on DVD+R(5) disks. This was their reply:

As of now, NO, we don’t intend to offer +R bitsetting (to DVD-ROM).
The only reason we offered DVD-ROM bitsetting for double layer +R media
was because of the playback problems it causes with existing devices.

This is quite easy to understand: Pioneer is the creator of the -R format, and it probably doesn’t weant to deal with +R. As they said the only reason they have offered bitsetting for +R9 media was for compatibility issues. If all drives read +R9 media perfectly they wouldn’t have done it. Another reason is that the NEC 3500, its main “enemy”, supports bitsetting on DL media and if the Pioneer didn’t nobody would have bought it…

Will the Piodata firmware be compatible with the Pioneer DVR-108 ? Any problems encountered yet ?

I have pioneer 108 and I installed piodata firmware without problems.

did u install both kernal and firmware from PIODATA or firmware only?

You MUST install also kernel, if not bye bye Pioneer.

It is the same drive. As stated above you must flash the Piodata kernal. It is a simple process and the results are great. I actually think it produces better burns.