Pioneer 108


I’ve just bought my 108 I’ve upgraded to the latest official version.

I’ve been buying arita 8X disks from a supplier.

The first batch I’ve got will work fine upto 12X without any prob’s

I ordered 100 of them the other day and when i’ve tried them they will only offer 4X recording.

I’ve tried them on my mates sony and it offers 8X with no probs.

I’ve phoned Pioneer support which offered no support and just said if it don’t work it never will and tuff was the general info.

I know it’s got to do with the write statergy as i’ve used dvdinfo the first batch shows up with up to 12X and the second only shows upto 4X.

Pioneer drive seems to be the problem here not reconising them as 8X.

I’ve noticed that the inner ring number of the disks changes and if I put them in order I can geuss which ones will work ofr not i.e the ones that start with J4-03L Work fine all the others i.e J4-11L etc will not be reconised in the pioneer but will in other recordable drives.


Also when flashing a drive the number of times that it has been flashed knocks down the number allowed on the drive.

Does this only happen with pioneer offical firmware. and can you stop it doing this otherwise you might run out of changes allowed.

Well, your problems seems your Pioneer not recognizing 8X disks as effectively writeable at 8X.

I think firmware is involved because it lets the drive recognize the media code and the supported write speeds. Unfortunately media compatibility with DVD writers is worse than with CD writers. Pioneer has released a list of supported media, including what speeds their burners do support. here you go.

EDIT: if you go to “Writing Speed of DVD-R Media” you will notice 8X-writeable DVD-R media’s supported writing speed is 4X. Once you go to 6X and 8X you will notice:

Standard book released for the speed. Its support is unique to the writer.

So I think it completely depends on the writer! You may have likely found 8X media that your burner does not support at 8X.

Are you saying there is a counter on your drive which limits the number of firmware flashes allowed ? I’m asking because I can’t understand. All I know is that there are firmwares (like the latest 1.14) which won’t allow you to flash your drive back to an earlier firmware once it has been flashed with that.

You can flash your drive indefinitely. Never heard of a flash limit before. Regarding your discs: I think you’re just out of luck because I don’t think there is way to force your drive to record at a higher speed. Arita doesn’t make their own media, they use different manufacturers and then sell them under their own brand. Check out the media ID code for both discs and you will find that they are not the same. You can use for this.

If you look under Nero Info tool at the bootom it states DVD Features

Changes left User

Changes Left Vendor

This goes down when you flash with pioneer offical firmware it seems.

Although I have just flashed my drive with Neils latest firmware 1.14 and all is brill it will allow 16X know on the same ritek 8X that would only allow 4X under pioneers firmware and the changes available know shows n/a so it seems that when you flash with non official firmware iot does not alter the changes left but I don’t know what will happen if I go back to using official pioneer firmware ?

That information does not apply to the number of times you flash your drive. It applies to the region code your drive it set to when you play DVD-Video discs with your drive. Your drive’s region code can be changed a set number of times but this ‘problem’ is easily solved by using region-free software such as AnyDVD or DVDIdle or by flashing your drive with an unofficial region-free firmware. So again, there is no limit to the amount of times you can flash your drive with a different firmware version.

Thankyou for the info after trial and error I found this:

If I use neil’s latest firmware update 1.14 it allows 16X on all disks but oviously this is not recommended for all disks but at least it will allow me to use the arita’s at the spped they were men’t for i.e 8X instead of pioneers firmware only allowing 4X on some batches of these disks.

I’m going to stick with pioneers official firmware for know as the wife does most the burning and if she does not keep ajusting write speeds for individual disks the write speed will always be on 16X which i ashume will damage some disks or make them unstable or unreadable.

I am however disapointed that pioneer showed no interest in comments when I phoned them and was not concerned that I am unable to write 8X disks at 8X.