Pioneer 108

My Pioneer 108 has suddenly started to write bad sectors near the end of every DVD regardless of burn speed and or media.
The attached printout from DVDInfoPro using Ritek G05 shows whats happening and the graph looks the same regardless of media used or speed burned at.
Is this drive failing, has the lubricant at the end of the sled run possibly dried up ?
Any suggestions would be appreciated - is it time to buy a new one ?

You have to buy a better media, no doubt that media quality is your problem, not the 108. Try Taiyo Yuden, or Verbatim.

Thanks Alright - looks like you were right picked up some verbatim last night a got a good burn.
Funny about the Ritek - the first 1/2 of the spindle burned perfectly and the last bunch gave coasters every time.
Can’t get Taiyo Yuden around here so will have to stay with verbatim

suggest you check all those G05’s just do a search, plenty of discs going bad after a few weeks/months, this may have been a blessing in disguise.

Ritek G05 can only be described one way GARBAGE. :Z