Pioneer 108

I have a pioneer 108 with 1.14 firmware
It is marked DVR108DB

What is DB - can not see it referenced in any of the forums?

Which firmware do I use to update?

I have downloaded CHKRW from Pioneer - it does not see my drive
but DVRFlash v2 does see it.

I have downloaded and from pioneer

The UPGDVD program provided with both these download does not see the drive and the update fails

Should I use DVDFlash with the binary provided from pioneer?
I am familiar with DOS - but cannot see what the -vf option quoted in some forum threads does - DVDFlash /? does not provide any info on these command options.

i think the best firmware for the 108 at the moment is from Gradius

(support DVD-R @ 16x max and DVD-RW @ 4x max)

v1.18 (RPC-1 + unlock ripping speed only)