Pioneer 108 stops writing

i bought a pioneer 108 about 2 months ago
i took my old 4x toshiba writer out and poped the pioneer 108 in
changed the jumper to slave as thats what the toshiba was on in my computer packard bell ixtreme 6060
i then checked the dma settingsprimary is set todma mode 5
secondry is set to dma mode 4.
first of all i couldnt write cd’s at more than 16x , as it would fail at 32x( no probs with dvd’s)
so i updated the firmware to 1.14
it writes cd’s at 32x now no problems.
after about a week i noticed , using dvd decrypter when i wrote a dvd using datawrite grey 8x discs also ritek 8x printables and piodata 8x printables
sometimes the disc would stop writing 0.0 write speed with dvd decrypter.
this always hapens at 9% through the burn ,this is where the speed jumps from 6x to 8x, and sometimes it hapens later at abuot 45% when the speed changes fron 8x to 12x, the write speed goes down to 0.0 , sometimes it goes back up and completes the burn,
but sometimes even after 20 mins it wont start to write again just sits there at 0.0
does this hapen to anyone els ?
could it be the media or is the drive faulty?

thanks for any sugestions

my drive is doing the samething

Its all about media quality, believe me.

Dont Know If Yours Is Doing What Mine Is Doing But About 1 In Three Burns In Recordnow Max Crashes On Me And If I Hit Abort It Will Stop The Burn But I Cant Close Recordnow Max 4,5 Cos The Computor Still Shows That It Is Burning And I Have To Hold The Power Button In To Get Control Of My Pc Back And Get The Disc Out, Is This Defo A Media Prob And Not My Drive, My 106 Never Did This And Im Using The Same Discs And Recordnow 4.5 Has Always Been Great For Me!


i would check your ide cable and replace it with a new 80 column one also pioneer 108s don`t like sharing an ide cable and if possible make it master

   cheers  bighun1952 :)  :)  :)

have you got a link where i can buy one of the 80 pin cables from please fellas

try this one


I have same problem. I replaced the ide cable for a new 80 wire cable. My pioneer 108 is master.
Still have same problem. Between speeding up from 6 ot 8 x write rate slows down to 3.2x and between 8x and 12 x slows down to 0,0x (around 2 gb).
The burn seems to be ok and is completed in 6:48 minutes.
Is this normal with Ritek G05 discs?
Can someone pleeze help?

Dud, burning faster than 4x DVD uses speed-shifting!! Eg. 8x starts at 6x and then shifts to 8x (at 4xx mb IIRC).

Chef, thanks for the answer. I’m reading this forum for days now and this is the first time I read about “speed-shifting”. I presume it’s a normal process that speed slows down to 0,0x at 2 gb and there’s nothing wrong with my burner or settings.
Thanks for helping me out!

With “speed-shifting” I meant the different write-strategies burners using.

The Pio uses Z-CLV for burning at higher speeds. That’s surely slower than CAV/P-CAV but I don’t care about that as long as the burning quality is top.

Some further info:

Explanation are also on the CDspeed 200 site, but it’s currently n/a.

Chef one last question: Does writing speed always slows down to 0,0x between speeding up from 8x to 12x? Is that a normal?

Yes, seems so.

Use DVDDecrypter and you’ll see it clearly because it will show you always the real speeds. :wink: