Pioneer 108 really need help Please :)

im thinking of buying pioneer 108 duplicator machine . i was thinking of taking out the burners out of the duplicator to flash it with the piodate firmware because of the bisetting issues . my question would be if i do convert my pioneer 108 to piodata 108 and put it back in the duplicator machine would it allow automatic bisetting ? And my other question the piodata 108 if converted would allow be to still burn at 16x where possible ? . it would be greatley appreciated if anyone can share some light on this situation wouldnt want to make a big mistake as u can see im a dumb knob as it is lol lol lol :bigsmile: .

Cheers :slight_smile:

i just found a store around my way that has the PioData DVR108DX just wanted to know if i was to purchase this dvd burner would it have automatic bisetting? and everytime i burn a +Sl media blank that my dvd player would recognize it as DVD-ROM . i need to know before i purchase this piodata burner .

thanks for anyone that can give me any info

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well it seems that there is bitsetting, and then there’s pioneer’s version of bitsetting, as far as the 108 goes.

I have several disks apparently bitset to dvd-rom burnt by my pioneer 108, that won’t play in my standalone players. I have a few bitset dvd-rom disks that will, but they were burnt by a benq burner and an older single layer ricoh burner.

Personally, if you haven’t already paid for a drive at this stage, i would consider choosing a different brand that absolutely bitsets without any doubt. eq HP, liteon, and the benq probably being the top choice. But apart from bitsetting, the 108 drive works great! Hasn’t stuffed a non bitset burn yet, on any media I’ve put in it, and even the “bitset” disks still work fine in a computer dvd-rom. You just have to question whether the pioneer is genuinely completely bitsetting the disks.


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I’m sure the Piodata bittsets automaticly, all the 108’s firmware for bittsetting are the piodata’s firmwares.