Pioneer 108 pausing and crashing at the same point

hi my pioneer 108 is pausing for about 5seconds on exactly the same point everytime 385.56 mb , never any other point always smack on this point, it sticks for about 5 to 10 seconds then either carrys on with the burn or crashes my computor so i have to knock off the pc manually to get control back, any ideas why this is happening, its a bit freaky why its exactly 385.56mb every single time, i have windows xp sp2 and have the 1.14 firmware, i have read a few posts and it seems that maybe a 80 colum cable may do the trick any ideas?


the 108 writes to 6 speed up to 385mb then it changes to 8 speed up till 2 gb then it changes to 12 speed and writes to the end of the disk if your blank disks are of poor quality they could fail at any of these writing speed changes so that looks like what your problem is bad media i am using ridisc 8 speed dvd-r disks and they burn at 12 speed no bother the dye on them is ritek g05 also you are better running the 108 of an 80 column cable

           cheers  bighun1952 :)  :)  :)

Yes i see you ask of 40 or 80 core cable, deff 1st port of call is a 80core as device is ata66/udma4 and make it master if not(DO NOT SHARE CHANNEL WITH A HARDDRIVE IDEALLY).

Have you tried diff media, to see if stick at same part.

Yeah Tried Different Media And Still Pauses At Thast Point, Im Gonna Wait For The 80 Colum Wire And See If That Fixes Everything

Cheers Peeps Ill Get Back To You