Pioneer 108 Or NEC 3500

Ok I have a pioneer 107 at the moment and i have ordered 108, i was wondering if i have made the right choice, or should i go for the 3500 and why they have came to that conclusion. dont want stupid answers.

I would say you will see a significant increase in the quality of your SL burns on mid-quality -R media with either drive. I have see reviews that find it hard to make a choice between the two. The main reason I went with the NEC was that I was able to look at a wide range of scans on all the media I used and they were almost perfect and I have seen a big increase in the burns on all of my media when I switched from the Pioneer 107 to the NEC 3500. Hopefully you will see the same.

I was in the same situation as you about a month ago, i bought both of them (with plans to send the one back i didn’t like) anyway i still own both of them and no problems with either.

Noise levels appear to be the same.
DVD burn speeds are similair (give or take a few seconds)
The NEC writes cd’s faster than the pioneer other than that both are good drives.

regards Joe

Both drives use the same chipset and are really more or less the same tbh. Both are VERY good drives. I went with the nec due to the firmware hacking that is possible (eg, bitsetting)

Theres nothing in it. The Pioneer 108 can do bitsetting now. Burns on the whole are comparable.
I’d be happy with either of them.

Can you confirm that as I’m just about to make a decision between the two and I thought the pio couldn’t.

Yes the Pioneer can do bitsetting. You have to flash it with the Piodata firmware.
Look in this thread, and also this one.

Hey, that’s good news for all Pioneer users, at least for those willing to flash their drives with unofficial firmware. Hopefully, all companies (including Pioneer and NEC) will finally wake up and officially support features that are useful to their customers, even if it’s against their company policies.

Which burner is better with crappy to mid-quality media?

It depends on what you consider mid-quality. Prodisc is considered mid quality, especially considering the price of 34 cents or so. I get PI scans in the teens and 20s on their S03s. I consider these high quality scans.

I would avoid any media cheaper than this. It is junk no matter what you burn it on.