Pioneer 108 or 109?



I’m looking for a reliable writer for data archiving. Came to the conclusion Pioneer would be best, but by the time that conclusion was reached, the Pio 108 was no longer available. A few stores still have it but at $20-30 more than the new 109.

Discs used will be exclusively Plextor Taiyo Yuden 8x (at least with Plextor I’ll be sure it’s TY, Fuji gave me some problems there). Format + or - R is not an issue, can use both. Discs will be written at 8x :stuck_out_tongue: !

There seem to be plenty of problems with the new 109. Some people regret selling their 108 and upgrading, others say this is the worst Pio drive ever. :eek: Should I pay the extra on the 108 and get a fully matured drive, or is the 109 well on its way to more reliable performance? :confused:




Since you’re asking this question on the Pioneer forum, I would definitely tell you to get the matured 108. I’ve heard only bad things about the 109. Now, if you’re open to makes other than Pioneer, I’d DeFINITELY suggest you give the Benq 1620 a whirl. A retail version can be had for significantly less than the 108. I’ve had mine for about 2 months and I love it. Though I have a 107D in the same computer, I haven’t touched since I got the Benq.
I have a 108 in my other pc and I haven’t touched it either. Regarding QC issues, I don’t doubt that a few people got bad drives, but mine has been fine. Also, bad drives happen with all makes - Pioneer, NEC, Liteons. If Pioneer was doing great, you wouldn’ have had to start this thread :wink:

just my $0.02. (Pioneer lovers, please don’t be mad at me for jumping ship)


Thanks for you input, but I do prefer Pioneer. I’ve had them since the A03, never any problems. My choice is between 108 and 109. So you say go with 108, without any doubt?



Im in same boat, with a flawless 108, wait few days and read peeps input with 109 on new leaked 1.40 firmware, only read 1 bad comment so far, and its prob down to him and his hardware and media, as all rest are good.


if humeboy is talkin about me, for my post in the other thread, media is good(mcc003 & fujifilm03) so i’m thinking about a unit problem, btw i am now testing a memorex dvd-rw and it’s flawless. Am i getting crazy??


my 109 works great after I replaced my IDE cable with a 80 pin instead of 40 pin


:iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

IMO BenQ 1620 is the best recorder at the moment. Fastest speeds, top quality and the most widely used for reliable PI/PIF scanning.

From the 108 or 109, I vote the 109; I think Pioneer will get it right with the firmware.


Ive got a AO8 and its great. No need for me to get the upgraded drive. Ive heard lots of probs crop up with this drive but as with other pioneer drives hopefully they will get it right with this one as well. This 109 drive seems to have more niggley probs than previous models. Ive heard people also have probs with disks burnt in the 109 reading in other hardware like liteon drives.


OBV none of you have read 99.9% good feedback with new 1.40 firmware, im swapping out the 108 for 109 on monday, now seems time to start looking forward to good burning.


Just out of curiosity, what do the _09 get you over the _08 burners. I have the A08XL, though I haven’t used it for burning until now (due to lack of time).



Thanks, humeboy. I see one difference right away: the eject button on my A08 is way cooler looking ;). Not willin’ to give that up for the minor (for me) performance improvements.


As far as i can see (and not just because ive got one) the 108 is still a far superior drive, Not everything can be sorted out via FW there is a limit, its still the best -R burner out there, the 109 just seems too problematic for me to be interested no matter how many new FW’s they release however i admit that for some people it has proven to be a very good drive, but thats just it the 108 was great for everyone it burns pretty much any type of -R you put in it even the nastiest cheapest Princo crap, you can see what happens with FW but dont hold you breath.


You really believe that, you think they would make a newer 109 drive not as good as older 108’s, fact is the dvd alliance has still not certed dvd-dl and dvdrw -/+8x but soon will so it will see more FW’s, i swapped 108 out for 109 on monday and i had flawless use of 108, i wouldnt have swapped for 109 if it was crap, it will prevail soon, and i have 0 probs so far all ive lost is NIL’s hacks so i can use my choosen 8x media at 16x.

Ive only ever used this new 109 with 1.40 FW i flashed as new from 1.17.


the last a08xl, thats what I have, fw was 1.18 and it was released 12/04 but dated 11/04 in the fw. I wish they would do a08xl fw soon.


Get the 109, it is a better drive. FW’s 1.17 and below do have issues but with 1.40 the drive is very good. I have a 108 as well and I can say with confidence that the 109 is the superior drive. It is also produces better burns than the BENQ 1620, the NEC 3500 and 3520, and the Plextor 716A. I have all of these and in my view there is no doubt. As far as the BENQ being a reliable PI/PIF scanner I don’t think so… The Plextor gives a much more comprehensive picture of burn quality. There is much more to evaluating a burn than PI/PO testing but here’s a quick scan of a MCC03RG20 burned on the 109 @ 16X…



you may want stop using plextools for scanning, its really a crap program for that.

Alex noe makes 100% better scanning software for plextor drives, trust me you will love it.


Buy the 109.


If one already has a 108, there probaly is no good reason to get the 109.

I chose the 109 'cos I did not have a 108.


You mean like me, i only swapped out 108 for 109 as of input i read here from others on FW 1.40.

And why my smiles not work hmm.