Pioneer 108 now available in the UK!

Hey guys, the Pioneer 108 OEM is now on sale at SVP in the UK at a bargain-tastic price of only £69.95 :bow: Unfortunatley its only the beige one available so far but at that price it would be rude not to snap it up!

Was posted on another forum so credit to the poster there who spotted it first :slight_smile:

nice one. yea this is so cheap it was so hard to resist had to buy 2 for me and my dad =) i don’t know if they have them in today or monday. anyone else ordered theirs? i know some people have it already. can you burn on many 4x at 8x or higher?

oh dear i had to cancel my order as the writing speed isnt so good. why is it called 16x for, seems pointless. it gets beaten by many 12x writers. i’m going to wait for the nec3500 instead. i think many are aswell.

it s seems the rare reviews of the DVR 108 were made with a bad firmware. If you visit official Pioneer’s site you ll discover that they wrote the burner produce a dvd in 4.5 minutes at 16X speed.
Avec des vitesses d’écriture à couper le souffle, R8 grave les DVD-R/+R simple couche à la cadence de 16x soit 4,7 Go de données en un temps records de 4,5 minutes.

I can t imagine Pioneer (same if it was a Sony-Plextor-Benq-Toshiba…) write that if the 108 is unable to burn faster than in 7mn as we can read it on japaneses sites.

It doesn t mean it ll be the fastest of all 16X. But we can, at least, hope the speed of a real 12X and in -R mode !

You must know too that 45% of DVD+R disk can t be read on a home DVD player at this time. So better wait before kill this product.

whats SVP and its website?


dJ Phatic

£57 for the 108 OEM in Singapore, just arrived also. :slight_smile:

Wait a couple of weeks before you go buying one of these. One shop is already advertising theirs for £61.
The Nec 3500 should be out soon, and then we can have a comparison.
order your nec 3500 or pioneer 108 here are advertising theirs @£76. Disappointing pricing from such a big business. I spoke to Phil in the shop last week and he said they were going to be about £51-55 inc vat so they would be priced cheaper than the Liteon drives.
Not the first time I have had duff info from them though.

oh crap. 4.5 minutes! bloody hell! thats good. damn i think i made a bad desicion to cancel now :frowning: as least i saved some money 2day. should be saving it really :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the info mage813, you were really helpful.