Pioneer 108 is WAY better than 110!

I posted a thread a few days ago about CMC MAG E01 that was rated @ 8X and I wrote them @12X , then they didn’t work at my Asus 1608P2S “Pio 110”
I did like what friends from here advices and used ero drive speed to slow down reading speed and it worked for some Disks but others could not be read , I also tried Badcopy pro and CD/DVD Diagnostic that showed unrecoverable errors o the disks , then I borrowed a friend’s Asus 1604P “Pio 108” to try it , and to my surprise it read the DVDs flawlessly , and copied them to my HDD .
What is wrong with 110 , it is supposed to be better hardware , right ?
I have 1.39 firmware with it , but will try 1.37 to see if it is better .