Pioneer 108 in usa - buy from where?

where can i get pioneer 108? in usa?
how much would the price be now?

This is the only place i can find (Refurbished)

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I had compatibility problems with my 109 (fw 1.17 on Nero and RNM 4.5 with hack) burns and my Matshita UDJA755y drive on my IBM T42 laptop. so I RMA’d the drive and got a 108 with stock 1.18 fw and have burned about 30 dvd data and movie backups with no compatibility issues.

I just received my 108 last weekend from who had a few left. i also called who said they should be getting a small shipment in this week.

hope this helps.

@ gdub 76

Did you get some $$ back.

no, the purchases were from different vendors. i purchased my 109 from along with my plumax external enclosure. i tried the new firmware updates, various burning software, and different media, external vs internal setup, without success in compatibility with my laptop drive, although it was read without errors on all other dvd-rom drives and standalone players i tried. in trying all these things, i went past my 14 day policy for dealsonic, but they accepted it and gave me an RMA with a restocking fee.

since dealsonic did not have any 108’s left, i went elsewhere to find it and i have been very satisfied with my new 108.

i want a black retail a08. anyone knows wher can i find that one? anyway to know if its retail?
does retail pioneer a08 comes with a firmware? with riplock removed? whats the reading speed?

The XL retail comes with rip lock removed, if you have the others >NIL’s hacked firmware does it for you.