Pioneer 108 Firmware V 1.20



New Firmware, Get it Here


Thanks, maybe they’ve added support for this Lidl dvd-r’s :wink:


LOL :bigsmile:


change note here

damnit, piodata is falling way behind. they’re still on 1.18. i wish they would keep up :frowning:


I don’t think piodata is going to release a new one. I want it as well for the bitsetting. I guess if we want anything after 1.18 we have to lose bs.


pioneer a08xl fw 1.20
quick dvd-r 8x test

media memorex -R 8x

burn 8x time 7:55


the link to the changelog is dead…

is there anything in this update that would make it worthwhile installing? it shits me that pioneer’s FW update email thing doesn’t give a changelog, it just sends you to the download page


1.20 Support New 8x DVD-R Media
(8x writingFNSD/TCL)


Test burn to maxell -R 8x media at 16x on 1.20 fw on my a08xl

nero speed3.80 make data disk time 6:44