Pioneer 108 Firmware Upgrade?



This has prob been asked before, but so old now I just can’t find it :frowning:

Managed to get myself a 108, heard good reviews about this drive and the cracked firmware for it

I have d/l DVDR Flash, NIL:'s 1.14 hacked firmware.

So 2 questions, which is the best firmware NIL’s or PIODATA (seen in someones sig that they rate the PIODATA so really unsure about this?

finally how to install command run… “G:\New Folder\DVRFlash.exe” device E R8100008.114 ?

Thx for any help


This is not >NIL:s firmware, it’s the official firmware provided by PIODATA.
If you need or want Bitsetting then use the Piodata one.

Flashing instructions come with DVRFlash.


Thx for the reply

I have been looking around and seemingly a lot of ppl have had problems flashing this in winxp

  1. Choose the correct DVRFlash 2 version (eg win32).
  2. Download it and the necessary firmware file(s), store them into the same folder, eg. “C:\108”.
  3. Eject any media from the drive.
  4. Open a DOS-Box, navigate to “C:\108” using cd.
  5. Run DVRFlash as command only to see the drive location.
  6. Use a commandline like “DVRFlash -v X:” to flash the drive.
    You have to replace X: with the correct driveletter and “” with the correct firmware.

the 108 is drive e

so the command prompt should be :C:\108\DVRFlash -v e: R8100108.114

I get the disclaimer and type y return then window shuts down

dvdrflash and correct files are in c:\108
108 drive is drive E

I get the feeling it’s somthing simple that I’m just missing :frowning:


The correct command on the command prompt should then be:

DVRFlash -v e: R8100108.114

What is the output from DVRFlash?


just reply normal firmware abort,retry, fail


I really do not know why, but the latest version of DVRFlash with the GUI always crashes on me, but on the other end, an old version will work. And yes I have re-installed the .NET framework, and updated both DVRFlash and DVRFlashGUI.


Why not just use NIL’s 1.18 firmware, bitsetting is just for a few moaners that have really old picky standalones, but i doubt they tried both - and + dvdr cause it should play them ive tried many pc drives and standalones and not had 1 issue.


Standalones dont have to be Old,my Panasonic will not read +R,I should have checked prior to purchase! Duuugh I used NIL’s 1.18 no problems since,bitsetting was not really important,I really wanted the 12x rip speed.


and 16x writing on slower speed quality media with no coasters :slight_smile:


Something wrong with your drive/connection.


It’s not for old hardware, for me, it’s for my Xbox… so if you’re not a gaming console owner, then you may have have no use for bitsetting, but if you’re a console gamer, bitsetting is quite helpful.


Why do others have no probs with 108 backing up their dvds for xbox, and only had probs on 109 till 1.40 FW ?.


There are 3 Xbox DVD drives out there… some are capable of reading +R media, some are not. However, the best drive (Samsung) does not read +R, unless it is booktyped. It reads all other media without issue, the other drives have trouble with CD-Rs/RW, etc. Plus the Samsung drive appears to be the fastest reader of copied media.
The drive reads -R flawlessly though, but for my movies I use inexpensive +R media which is booktyped to DVD-ROM.


16X speed is a crazy idea using Z-CLV. Speed hacked FW is good for overspeeding excellent quality 4X media not for overspeeding average quality 8X media from 12X to 16X. :wink:


bitsetting allows maximum compatibility without having to make a glass mastered, pressed DVD which costs a bucketload.

often i have to burn DVDs for distributing to all kinds of people with all kinds of different hardware. maximum compatibility is useful to avoid angry phonecalls and wasted time.
of course, usually a -R will do…

i honestly don’t know why pioneer haven’t included bitsetting. surely they’re not blind to their customers are they? (maybe they are, or just want people to void their warranties by installing PIO or hacked FW so they can clean up when the drives fail).


It’s actually quite simple, Pioneer is part of the DVD Forum, meaning they are a DVD-R proponent. They will not add anything to their firmware that will make their competition (DVD+R) ‘better’ or as good as their own standard.


I dont really care who thinks 16x is crazy on a 108 as its not CAV, it was rumoured to be a 12x writer at design but ended up as a 16x, anyhow i used NIL’s FW’s used IMO good quality 8x media that worked for me at 16x and no probs playing in any pc’s or standlones, and nothing anyone says will change that, now im on crappy 109, seems ok on dvdrw but not dvdr so far, buffers are up and down a lot seems its FW, hope so.

I knew i was taking risk swapping out my NIL’s 1.18 108 and i knew i would lose 16x unless i got 16x media.

Anyhow im back on Sata hdd so dvd writer and cdrw/dvd combo are on their own eide channels both as masters, i even burnt a dvd+r and cdr at same time just for the hell of it.


Why all fuss about the 108 burning @ 16x when burning @ 12x takes less time. Also, what is the difference between the DVR-108 and the DVR-A08?