Pioneer 108, dvd mount time


just bought a pioneer 108, and I am wondering how long its suppose to take recognising a dvd…

because at the moment it takes about 5-7 seconds, before the drive comes up in explorer,

where as pioneer dvd rom takes less than half the time…

any takers?

Look at the disc access times to compare both drives…

A DVD-ROM is no burner.

5-7 seconds sounds OK. Mine takes about that in windows, and about the same before I can mount it in unix.

Oh boy 3 whole more seconds to wait Geez !!!

Slow down a bit speed kills

so 5-7 seconds is correct??

i am just making sure since, if the shop sells me a lemon, then i get go get an exchange within 7 days…

anyother people want to clarify the 108’s mounting time for me?

sorry for second post,

it also seems to whirl abit when it mounts…

brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuu for a little bit.
is that normal?

so far its serving me well, only had 1 coaster so far…due to unknown cause