Pioneer 108 Buffer + Writing Speed Problem

Hi all,

I have read A LOT of stuff regarding this matter, however I am going crazy with my particular problem. Please I wish someone could take a moment and try to help me out in this one… *** I know this thread looks quite long, but PLEASE read it for you to understand my problem fully, and hopfelly help me figure out a solution for it. ***

I got a Pioneer 108 burner. This is a USB 2.0 compatible burner. I got four usb ports (2.0) in my computer and 3 are being used: 1 for my mouse, 1 for my printer, 1 for my pioneer 108 burner.

My problem lies on the following:

Whenever I am burning a DVD or a CD my Buffer Level starts jumping like crazy all over the place, from 98% to 35% to 73% to 50% to 43% to 91%… just jumping around and that is making the writing time and speed much more slower that it should be.

If you are thinking about enabling DMA, its already enabled. It always was, even when I first checked it. My USB drivers are fully updated (i think?)

The thing that annoys me the most is that I can write at 4X with no problems. A DVD would take me around 15 minutes. But if I try at 8X or any other superior speed, b/c of the buffer unconstant level it takes up MUCH more than 15 minutes–like 20 or sometimes even more.

I have the latest firmware for my pioneer burner too.

So I don’t really know what to think… everything goes normal on the buffer level at the beginning, but then everything all of a sudden drops, and become so unconstant and unstable that its driving me crazy and really upseting me.

What is the idea of having a burner that can burn at 16X if your 4X burning speed gives u the fastest burning time? How ironic :frowning:

I know its like a long thread, but I would really appreciate any kind of help that might be given to me.

Thank you very very much in advance,


USB issue crap.

These USB cases suck balls.

That’s too much to read

try installing your drive in your computer … my guess is that it work perfectly there, and your problem lies with your external case.