Pioneer 108 and Verbatim DVD+R 8x



The media is rated for 8x but in Nero, the burn speed defaults to 12x…
is it safe to burn it at that speed?

The DVDInfo Pro says the media is rated at 12x but there’s a part saying CLV 12x, CLV 8x CLV 4x… what’s that CLV thing?

P.D: I’m new with a DVD burner in case u didn’t notice hehe



Im sorry, I meant DVDInfo Pro says the media is rated at 8x (not 12)



clv= constant linear velocity, a term describing the way your drive spins the disk, dvdinfo pro shows the available recording speeds for that particular disk at your drive. I’d recomend burning the disc at 12x and then using dvdinfo pro pi/pf error testing to see if it is a good burn, if not then try using manufacturer rated speed, that is 8x for the verbatim disk.
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in the dvdinfo pro version i have (the latest), it shows PI and PO (not PIF), which values are good for a good burn? Also whats the importan part, PI/PO Max, PI/PO Total or PI/PO Avg??


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Check out this thread for how to decipher PI/PO:


ok I get it now, but according to that PI Max should not exceed 280 per 8ECC, and PO should not go further than 32 (per 8ECC). But I saw A LOT of TY MCC scans in the DVD Media Test forum, showing around 100 PO max, and ppl says its a good burn.

I just burned 2 DVD’s with my 1 day old Pioneer 108, and both copies didn’t show more than 57 PO Max (49 one, 57 the other).

so don’t know how to take those 50’s PO Max…



If it’s just a single peak it’s probably just a fluke, and is still a very good burn. As far as I have understood, the drive can produce these occurances sometimes, and you can often see them as a single-pixel wide big spike on the graph. They mean nothing.