Pioneer 108 and Ritek Media

Hi there,

Is it just me or are Ritek getting worse?

Ritek G05 DVD-Rs have problems burning, they end up with blotchy or discoloured marks in the dye (Arita pink).

All I’ve burned 2 Tuffdisc DVD+R DL (Ritek D01) and ended up with write errors, power calibration errors ect. That wouldn’t be so bad, but its £3 a disc :a

Mr firmware is 1.20.

My 108 burns fine with other media including CMC, MCC, etc.

Any ideas? :confused:

ps. Would I be a fool persevering with another Tuffdisc DVD+R DL, but using it in my NEC 3250? It seems to like the ordinary Ritek G05 DVD-R.


RITEK DL-Media is crap. Use Verbatim instead

I thought as much… :cop:

I was blaming my Pioneer.

I used to say that Bulkcrap and Datash*te were the worst, but atleast they burn ok and don’t cost £3 (DVD+R DL) for a single disk… :frowning:

Many thanks…

ok firstly Tuffdisc is one of the most bashed media on this forum and for good reasons, its sht, not good not ok not alright just sht, its overprinted garbage B (if you’re lucky) C and D grade crap, currently the only reliable DL media is made by verbatim others might be ok but its not worth the risk imho.

I used quite a few Datwrite DVD+R DL disks already and they burnt fine in my NEC3520 (with latest FW).

Can’t say if they work in a DVD player though, as they are just presentation files on non-video format, thus only played through a PC drive.

Also got some gold coloured Datasafe but not tried them yet. Since they’re costly disks in comparrison to the 4.7Gb ones, I’d only use them when I really have to :bigsmile:

What dye to verbatim DL use anywho?

I thought most brands use the same dye in the DL side of the market ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the same problems with 1.20 firmware, I now have a pile of beer mats, reverted to 1.19, now ok in GO5’s
Using RiDisc Extreame 8x