Pioneer 108 and Region stuff

I recently bought my first DVD-RW, a Pioneer DVR-108, and in control panel/device manager I saw in the DVD-RW properties that the DVD Region was not set, and there was a text saying that I can change the Region up to 5 times. Just yesterday I had a look at it again, and Region was set at “Region 2” (I’m from Spain) and I had 4 oportunities left to change…

How come it changed automatically? Should I expect it to auto-change again?

My guess: the first time you play a DVD movie (which I did) it automatically sets itself to same region code as the movie… am I right?


I think you must have gussed right, by playing your first dvd it set it’s self


Yes thats how it works, i though this was widely known chef, :slight_smile:

dude it’s my first DVD-RW, everything is new to me… but I learn quickly :bigsmile:

The Drive Region Information displayed by Windows in Device Manager is not 100% reliable. Windows seems to only be giving its best guess as to how many region changes you have left in various other counters on your system. I have never ever heard of this Windows region counter actually restricting anyone from playing back DVD’s. The region counters that you do have to worry about are those in software players like PowerDVD and WinDVD and the hardware region counter in your DVD drive.

HMM, software dvd players like powerdvd and windvd no longer restrict regions for a long time, they go by windows and drives region, you can read this on any good deregion sites, i for one have both drives deregioned before this current format of windows and windows dont limit me nor does powerdvd6, some used to sue dvdgenie not sure why as you can get add on for powerdvd called powerdvdtweaker, its not free but can reset regions every time you insert a disc to stop players locking, but id rather use firmware.