Pioneer 108 and datawrite classic DVD



I have been using datawrite classic gray blank dvd discs for the past few months without problem. However recently when I insert a blank DVD disc, the disc shows as having 0 bytes.
My Pioneer 108 is updated to the latest firmware(1.18).
I usually use two programs for recording, Alcohol 120% and nero 6.
I have no problem with blank cd-r disks or any other disks. Only blank DVD. I know I may be advised to change to different media, but I don’t understand how I have had no problems with this media untill now.


I have the same problem i was using ritek G05 all was ok but now they all fail at the end of the disk???Im using nero 6 and alcohol 120.Maybe a bad batch of disks.Or the progams mmmmmmm.


Not media, them disks are good for 16x with NIL’s FW’s, i wrote them on all 108s FW’s official and hacked from 8x to 16x and i had 0 issues playing back on any pc or standalone.


WHO tells you that?


Basically,I put the disc in. I then open “My Computer” window and when i hover the mouse pointer over the drive icon it shows “Free space 0 bytes” and “Total Size 0 Bytes”. It does show as “DVDR” however.


Blank DVDs normally show as 0 bytes in explorer because they are blank.


Ive been there b4 not on dvdwriters only cdrw, my install of windows must have been messed up, i tried all inc repair, reinstalling nero,etc etc. format fixed it wasnt media or hardware.

Also had same where i couldnt play avis with sound only wmv avis and dvd had no picture only sound, i tried all sorts redoing codecs etc etc, swaped my gpu to old one and it worked again, swapped back and it didnt, i assumed gpu was to blame, but i formated with it and all was fixed, pcs can be wierd at times.

Anyhow that was while ago now on newer hardware once more.


I think you may be right. The reason why I thought there was something wrong with the media was that i was trying to burn an image of a disk that seems to be bad. when I tried to burn with Alcohol 120% it asked for the disk to be inserted, when I already had a blank disc in the drive.
I have burned something else and it works. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for all the replies.


Yep, useless to do that in Explorer and similar “tools”.

BLANK is just BLANK. Only a real burning app will give you advance.