Pioneer 108 along with a LG4163?

I currently have a Pioneer 108 OEM along with a LiteOn 52x CDRW drive. The 108 is the Master on the Secondary channel and the LiteOn is the Slave.

I’m thinking of dumping the LiteOn and going with an LG4163 or maybe even the new 4165 when it gets put out next month.

My question is does anyone here run a 108 as a master and an LG as the slave? If so have you experienced any problems.

If anyone has some input please post and let me know so I can make a decision.

Thanks :bigsmile:

The problem - if one - can be related also to the motherboard and IDE drivers. So please specifiy what is your model.

I’ve had both 108 of Pioneer and 4163 of LG. No problem except that my DVR-108 had some speed problems when I connected it on my PCI Aralion RAID card that works fine with all other drives I tried. ICH4 (of Intel) default IDE had no problem unless IDE driver gets corrupted or wrong cables or wrong jumpers are used or something like that.

I cannot comment on the 108, but my LG 4163 has no problems as Slave on the same channel with my 109 as Master.