Pioneer 108 / A08 compatible with DL " inverse stack system " (new ricoh)

I heard about the new Dual Layer media by Ricoh that will be produced with ta new cheeper production mehtod called "inverse stack system ".
The media are announced in Oct 04.

But the burner companies have to modify their firmware in order to achieve average/good writing quality with the new ricoh DL media!

I want to buy the new Pioneer A08 / 108 4xDL burner.

There are no official statements yet and so I am asking you,
if you have information about pioneer to release a firmware that allows to burn the new Ricoh DL media?

where did you find the information about ricoh’s new production method? maybe i’ve been living under a rock. link please?


the german c’t magazine 21/04:

“Ricoh plans to introduce DL media in October. These will be produced with the “Inverse Stack System” in which 2 discs, each with part of the required layers, are glued together. This process is cheaper and has a higher yield than the present “2P” process (with all layers generated sequentially), so this media should be cheaper. However, the optic and thermal propreties vary so that most drives will require firmware updates to accomodate them.”

This translation is taken from a forum thread (cdrlabs).


Nobody knows anything?

The Ricoh MP5316DA, which is a rebadged NEC ND-3500A, can burn those discs. The newest firmwares for the NEC ND-3500A have a write strategy for Ricoh DL media (inverted stack discs) included. Knowing that the Pioneer 108 / A08 has the same NEC chipset, there is a good chance that it will be able to write those discs also (at least in theory; a firmware update will be necessary in any case).

Pioneer will put out optimized firmware for 108/A08 as soon as the new media (Inverse Stack Method) is available.

Source: c’t 16/04