Pioneer 107d

Hi I have a pionneer 107d and have downloaded all firmware updates 1.21, 1.20 and 1.18 but cant get any of them to work, everytime I try to upgrade it, it comes up cannot find drive, has anyone else had this problem and is there a way i can get round it?

Then you have an OEM drive and not a true Pioneer one.

I have the same issue, just another drive (108). so how do we go buy installing a new firmware?

The Pioneer support sites have all necessary info for upgrading the drive.

If it’s an OEM drive, then check the OEMs support site instead.

I’ve a Pioneer 107D too. My firmware version is 1.13. I wanted to know, could i update it to 1.21 at once or do i need to install all the updates from 1.13 till 1.21?

Straight to 1.21.

Thx alot chef!

where are the drivers for the OEM version of my pioneer? only official ones I found would not work on my comp as it says “device not found” etc…

The drivers are on your hdd or OS CD!
If you mean firmware, then contact the manufacturer of your computer/laptop.

Using DVRFlash -v X: you can find out what OEM drive you have.