Pioneer 107D user.. formatted PC do I need to run firmware again?



hey guys,

I had to format my PC last night. Since then, my Pioneer 107D is acting funny like a couple of times when ripping a DVD using DVD Decryptor is just stops at a certain point, it also rips and burns very slowly (45 mins instead of the normal 15 mins). I’m thinking I might need to re-run the firmware or something like that?

thanks for any help!


Maybe yous should check the IDE channels, are they working in UDMA mode? then test your unit in another computer… beside another flashing may be done eventually.


thanks for that, I changed my settings and have noticed some improvement (it now takes approx 20 mins to burn at 4X which is much closer to the 15 mins it used to take before I formated my HDD)

here were my DVD settings after the format (when it was taking 40 mins to burn at 4x);

and here are my current settings now (20 mins to burn at 4x)

can anyone confirm if my current settings are correct?


You also need to show us the IDE channel, located in the device manager, there’s 2 those may need to be corected as well




okay I went in and had a look, this is what I have in terms of IDE channels

one interesting thing I noted is that my DVD Drive is actually showing up as CD Drive… hmmm, not sure if that has anything to do with it…

any advice is much appreciated!!


No, “CD Drive” display is just a bug in XP.

highlight Primary channel, click properties and make sure DMA is enabled on both devices.
do the same for Secondary channel.

Intel Bus Master IDE Controller… hmmmm
Intel Application Accelerator installed? If so, uninstall it ! It messes up DVD writing !



I know remember I had all types of problems with and getting rid off Intel Application Accelerator about 2 years ago when I last formatted!!!

hopefully I’ll be able to get rid of it and it will fix my problems!!

thanks!!! I’ll let you know how it goes