Pioneer 107D stuck at 1X in Nero

I have the Pioneer DVR-107D with the 1.05 firmware. Nero only sees it as a 1X drive. :confused: It will successfully burn a disc, but only at 1X, even when using 4x media. Any ideas on how I get Nero to recognize the 8x speed?



Have you tried media it supports at 8x? the media MUST be 8x CERTIFIED for 8x to be shown. 4x media will not work at 8x.

Also some cheap 4x media may be limited to 1x…try some other media.

I know that you may have trouble not using 8x media at 8x, and similarly for 4x at 4x, etc. My question was why Nero doesn’t recognize that the drive can do any more than 1x. When you go to “Choose recorder”, Nero shows the drive having a maximum speed of 1x. When you try to burn, you can’t choose any option for speed other than 1x.

In case it helps, I’m on XP SP1a with all current patches. Nero is Ultra edition. Firmware is 1.05. I’m using a DFI LanParty 875P motherboard with newest BIOS and INF file.

the speeds that Nero shows for the drive are determined by the media in the drive at the time.

Thanks. I have taken the discussion to the Nero forum. The speed does appear to be determined by the media, though it annoyingly doesn’t let me choose my own speed.