Pioneer 107d problems : region locked for no reason

OK I have a Celron 2.6ghz, 256m ram P4 running xp pro with sp2.
My problem is my burner, Pioneer 107d, was copying a movie all is good suddenly errors, hmmm tried everyting couldnt read original dvd? rebooted comp checked all settings found in device manager it has locked to region 1 (im region 4 which was set on purchase), try to change and i get admin error and says please insert correct region media so I have tried a dvd and drive sits and spins without loading. OK so I reformat hard drive and it the dvd then registers as no region with 4 changes to go woohoo i say i change region back to 4 all is good till next reboot when again its locked to region 1 ok other than the hammer i have basically failed to solve the reason so I will just buy another BUT my question is if I install another dvd burner will the comp lock it as well cause i have read that i cant remove the dvd drive and put in another comp as it will still be locked (tried and it was) but if i install new drive will the comp automatically set it region 1 (are there hidden settings for this?) and if so what do i do? The real bugger is comp is only 5 months old and i dont want to have to replace hard drive, burner or mother board to eliminate the problem. I Thank in advance any who can help as this is so depressing thankyou

Read in Here and I also know of this: This may shed some light on your problem. Good Luck.

I had a similar problem with my current drive - what I did was this:

I set AnyDVD to NOT run on Windows start (in the AnyDVD settings). Then I rebooted &, lo & behold, I was able to go to the device’s properties & then Region tab & change it to the correct region (with a region 4 disc in, of course - my region!).

After rebooting again & confirming that the region was still set, I re-enabled AnyDVD & set it once again to start with Windows. Then I checked the region setting again & it was, & still is good.

ok tried the anydvd thing didnt work bummer, tried the dvdregion free and that didnt work drive still sits and whirs wont play dvd but still will play cds so i know the lasers is working any other suggestions? thanks for your replies

sounds like the program you use to watch the dvds could be the issue. what program do you use to watch dvds ?

Hi there I use winDVD to view also have shrink,cloneDVD and anyDVD as well the odd thing was all these programs were not on comp when i reloaded xp, as said earlier when I had completed install the first thing I did was check drive and I could change the region, I did change back to 4 all was ok untill I had to reboot after windows update, the drive was then relocked to region 1 again??? So is it a windows setting? if I bu another burner will windows do the same thing??? thanks for your reply

it appears that u can only change ur region a certain amount of times, now if uve used up all ur changes and u MUSt have a certain region in order to play ur movies/videos than ur only other option is to buy a new recorder because no matter how many times u reboot or reload windows or even if u use the dvd in another computer u cant change it anymore.

go to DEVICE MANAGER and find ur drive, check the PROPERTIES, go to the DVD REGION tab and see if this is the case. it should show u how many REGION CHANGES u have left.

was copying a movie all is good suddenly errors…
the program u were using, and the errors were ?
the troubles may have nothing at all to do with region settings.
yes,region settings are a Windows-controlled setting.
no need to buy another dvd drive.
try flashing the drive with region free firmware. this will allow the DRIVE to play dvds from any region. then all you need is to run anydvd in the background, insert dvd, wait, start dvd software/player…watch dvd.

so is there a flashing for dummies out there??

Hi thanks for your reply, already did what u suggested thats where the probs originate from the drive is locked to region 1, asks to insert correct media, I do, then says wanna change, i say yes it says NOPE admin error or incorrect media (region 4 dvd in) says 4 changes to go btw

asks to insert correct media - what program gives this prompt ? cos believe me, its NOT the drive, itz either Windows OR the the dvd software OR both